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Grand Rapids 3D Breast Imaging and Simulation System

Before and after pictures can be helpful in terms of determining implant size and type, but recent technology now allows us to let you visualize implant type and size alternatives on your own body, with the use of our new Crisalix, web-based 3D breast imaging and simulation system.

The Crisalix is the first web-based 3D breast imaging and simulation technology available that enables you to view the various breast implant types and size options in the privacy of your own home through your personal computer. It also provides the ability to view your images in various types of clothing, including bathing suits or evening clothes. This educational tool allows you more time to consider your options and consult with family or friends, if you so desire.

When you schedule an appointment with Dr. Ringler for a breast augmentation, you will now have the option of using this revolutionary 3D breast imaging technology to give you a realistic impression of how your own breast implants might look. This does not imply that you are able to perceive your specific “after” results “before” your surgery. Rather, it is just one more communication and educational tool available to help you make an informed decision. Your consultation with Dr. Ringler and discussion about your own specific body and goals will ensure that you receive results that are beautiful, natural looking, and tailored just for you.

What is Crisalix 3D breast imaging and simulation?

Developed by Crisalix in Switzerland, the Crisalix 3D Breast Imaging technology is the first the first web-based 3D preview technology for plastic surgery based on physical properties of the body.

By using your own photos taken during your consultation, your exact measurements and dimensions are measured by the Crisalix. These 3D photos can then be manipulated to show how various types and sizes of implants may look on your own body.

What are the advanatages of 3D breast imaging & simulation?

For many women, choosing the appropriate type and size implant is challenging when viewing the before and after pictures of others. You are a unique individual, and you want to know how the implants will look on your own body. Although not an exact replica of how you will look after surgery, we incorporate 3D photos of your current body with images of how you may look with various sizes and types of implants.

How is Crisalix breast imaging technology different from other 3D systems on the market today?

Dr. Ringler incorporated the Crisalix 3D breast imaging system into his practice to allow patients to see their images, implant types and sizes in 3D, and in various types of clothing. Some breast implants are higher profile than others and this imaging gives you a realistic view of what you might expect. The Crisalix system is the first 3D technology to incorporate the virtual clothing simulator into the software.

In addition, only the Crisalix 3D breast imaging technology allows us to send you the images privately through our TouchMD patient educational tool to your own computer, so that you may consider your breast implant options at home and share with your family or friends if you so desire.

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How are the photos taken and when will I see the results?

During your consultation, Dr. Ringler will examine your breasts and then discuss your surgical options. If you choose, you may utilize this new, 3D computer imaging system to demonstrate the changes possible for your breasts. As with all surgery, you will have “before” photos taken by our nurse during your examination process. If you choose to utilize our 3D breast imaging system, the photos taken at that time will be obtained as quickly as a typical photograph using your own body to determine measurements and proportions. After you are dressed, the 3D images, which are immediately available, can be manipulated to show you an educated estimate of what might be achievable for you through breast augmentation surgery and the various types and sizes of implants, and wearing different types of outfits. Although this is not to be implied as a warranty of the surgical result, it does provide a visual and educational communication aid for both you and Dr. Ringler. Your images may then be loaded into your personal Touch MD web account, where you can see your images in the privacy of your own home on your computer.

Who is a good candidate for the Crisalix imaging system?

  • Women considering breast augmentation who wish to get a realistic image of how various types and sizes of implants might look on their own body.
  • Those with realistic expectations about breast augmentation surgery and 3D imaging can and cannot accomplish.
  • Women who wish to share images of various implant types and sizes with family members or friends in the privacy of their own home.
  • Women who are curious about how they will look in various types of clothing after they select their implant type and size.

For more information about breast procedures, please call 616.328.8800 or contact the office of Grand Rapids plastic surgeon Dr. Steven L. Ringler at the Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery.

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