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When performing facial aesthetic surgeries for men, Dr. Ringler exclusively focuses on naturally masculine results. He will correct your concerns and address telltale signs of aging – but he’ll do it in a way that looks organic, never overdone.

Facial Fat Transfer

A facial fat transfer is an all-natural way to contour the body and enhance the face. With this procedure, Dr. Ringler performs liposuction to remove fat from one area of the body. He then transfers the unwanted volume into your face to create a refreshed and youthful look.


With male facelifts, Dr. Ringler’s goal is to subtly refresh the face, minimize advanced signs of aging, and restore a well-rested expression, without detracting from your unique masculinity. This delicate balancing act requires a conservative hand and a keen eye for male aesthetics. In the end, you can rest assured that you will look handsome and distinguished – not “pulled back.”

Eyelid Surgery

Male eyelid surgery has become one of our most popular procedures, simply because the eyes are one of the first areas to show your age. Deep wrinkles, droopy eyelids, and heavy bags can make you look years older than you feel. When this occurs, this procedure can restore a smooth, rested, and overall more youthful look.

Neck Lift

Sagging skin under the neck is incredibly common as men age. With a neck lift, Dr. Ringler can remove this excess tissue, while redefining the jawline. He performs this procedure in a way that enhances your masculine jaw and preserves a prominent Adam’s apple – ensuring a natural look.


Also known as a short-incision facelift, the MACS lift is a gentle approach to the male facelift. When performed correctly, it can address telltale signs of aging on the lower face and neck through shorter, less noticeable scars. In general, it tends to be a good option for men who struggle with mild to moderate skin laxity, jowls, and facial creases.

Chin & Jaw Enhancement

The chin and jawline are cornerstones of strength and masculinity. If you’re lacking in this area, Dr. Ringler can increase the chin’s projection while enhancing the jaw’s definition with a simple procedure. First, he will perform liposuction to extract fat from another area of the body – such as the abdomen or buttocks. He will then re-inject that volume to enhance the chin and jaw.

Brow Lift

Heavy, drooping skin on the forehead can create an angry, tired appearance that makes you look old – not distinguished. With a brow lift, Dr. Ringler can subtly elevate the tissue, creating a more defined and handsome appearance that doesn’t look overdone.

Ear Surgery

Many of our male patients request ear surgery to correct prominent or protruding ears. To perform this procedure, Dr. Ringler will create an incision behind the ear, remove excess cartilage, and suture the ear closer to the skull. In this way, he can sculpt smaller, more discreet ears that blend in with the rest of your face.

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Dr. Ringler is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is recognized nationally and internationally for his achievements in plastic surgery. For over 40 years, he has focused on performing surgical procedures that create natural, handsome results for his male patients. During surgery, he can take years off your appearance by subtly correcting telltale signs of aging – revealing a refreshed and youthful version of you.

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