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We wish to kindly acknowledge; Terri, Eric, Leigh, Korry and Pam for offering to share their impressions and experiences with Dr. Ringler and the Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery and to the many patients who have sent us "thank you" cards over the years expressing gratitude for our efforts in providing them with an exceptional experience.

10/10, the best in the business!

Dr. Ringler is an incredible plastic surgeon. My experience was effortless, from the booking down to my recovery. I felt comfortable, confident, and knowledgeable every step of the way. Not to mention, my outcome looked terrific and incredibly natural. I am beyond grateful! I will forever refer people to Dr. Ringler with the utmost confidence.

(RealSelf 4/24)

Words cannot express the amount of gratitude I have for Dr. Ringler and his entire staff.

From the moment you walk in the door, you are warmly greeted and every single person is kind and professional. My journey with Dr. Ringler, from consult to final result, was seamless and enjoyable. Not only does Dr. Ringlers’ work speak for itself, but one consultation with him, and you’ll understand why he gets such rave reviews. In addition to being a patient of his, I also work with him on a professional level as a nurse in the surgical center. I witness on a daily basis, the compassion and concern he shows for each and every one of his patients. I often work with him in the OR and can testify to his unparalleled level of skill and perfection.

I sought out Dr. Ringlers' professional opinion on improving the appearance of my breasts. I previously had breast implants, and for personal reasons, decided to have them removed. I was unhappy with my appearance and was hoping there was something that could be done to boost my confidence level. Dr. Ringler took time exploring different options that may achieve results I would be satisfied with. We ultimately decided upon fat grafting to that area, and I underwent the procedure a couple of weeks ago. I honestly went into the surgery hoping for some sort of improvement, but was absolutely ASTONISHED when I saw the results he was able to achieve. He took extra time and care, ensuring I would have an outcome I was pleased with. Dr. Ringler is an advocate for his patients and is truly passionate about his work. In my opinion, and having worked with many other plastic surgeons, Dr. Ringler is hands down the BEST THERE IS. Not only do you get the wisdom and experience with Dr. Ringler, you also get a surgeon who listens and cares deeply about his patients. I am forever grateful to him for investing the time to grant me with results that have surpassed my expectations, and for ultimately restoring my confidence.

(Google 4/24)

I'm now nearing 5 weeks post op and feel amazing

Jan 2024 I returned for a full tummy tuck w/muscle repair and liposuction of the flanks. I'm now nearing 5 weeks post op. and feel amazing. Recovery has been a breeze for me (everyone is different). I've already been out dancing with friends, ridden my horse at a walk, and back doing light workouts. I do not believe any other surgeon and support team could make this happen.

(RealSelf 2/24)

Procedure went wonderfully

Thank you Dr. Ringler & staff!!! Dr. is a great listener — made me feel very safe. Procedure went wonderfully with results being better than I expected! I’m very happy!!! I highly recommend :-)))

(Google 1/24)

I highly recommend them!!

I absolutely LOVE this place. EVERYONE is so friendly and welcoming. I highly recommend them!!

(Google 1/24)

I Am a Total Wimp, and Never Had Pain! This Team is AMAZING!

Amazing! The office staff, medical staff and Dr. Ringler provided unparalleled care and skill in every aspect of my experience. I had a full lift with an incision around my entire midsection, lipo on my flanks and fat reinjection into my butt. I am beyond thrilled with my results just six weeks after I recovered from my procedure. I never believed I would no longer have an "apron belly" or the additional fat above my hip area removed. Dr Ringler must be part surgeon, part magician based on my beautiful results! I also must say that this is my first surgery EVER. I have never had a C Section (three children delivered traditionally, hence my repair work now to my belly), no repair or elective procedures in my life and I am in my mid 40's. I was nervous, and truth be told, a bit of a wimp when it comes to pain or feeling nauseous. I will tell you that I NEVER felt pain or ill during this entire procedure or recovery. Uncomfortable, yes, to be expected. But never pain, never regretting my choice, never being unable to move or eat. I would say without hesitation, if you are thinking of having a similar procedure, or any procedure, GO TO Dr. Ringler. I have done research in the area and he is the BEST. I also have to say his staff, particularly Lauren (IFKYK) :) is one of the reasons I felt so comfortable. She is encouraging, answers all questions, shares experiences and expectations and is there through the whole process. And she was completely right about many things, but one thing in particular, my only regret in this whole process, was not doing this sooner!

(RealSelf 12/23)

I am extremely satisfied

I have in the not so distant past undergone cosmetic procedures with Dr. Ringler and my results have more than met my expectations. From my consultation to post operative care, my entire experience was exceptional. Dr. Ringler not only possesses an exacting attention to detail, he also has a very warm and approachable demeanor. I never felt rushed during an appointment and the personalized attention I received from the entire staff instilled in both myself and my husband the utmost confidence from the get go. I am extremely satisfied with my natural outcome and not only will I return in the future, but I have wholeheartedly recommend him many times to others.

(Google 12/23)

Nice and helpful

Everybody is very nice and helpful! They offer a variety of services, but no pressure at all.

(Google 12/23)

Absolutely in Love with my Results!

Excellent. I'm so beyond thrilled with my results. I'm so glad I finally decided to do this for myself, and that I found such an amazing surgeon. From start to finish I felt confident in my surgeon and the staff at the office, and with the help of Lauren who walked me through and answered any questions I had and made sure that I was happy throughout the entire experience.

(RealSelf 11/23)

Exceeded Beyond My Expectations

Years ago I had Dr. Ringler do a fat transfer on my face from losing so much weight. I was so happy with my results. I came back with another goal in mind and I was greeted warmly. What impressed me was that Brooke recognized me as a previous patient. I came in to have a consultation with Dr. Ringler and he was very kind and courteous as ever. He was so thorough and knowledgeable at explaining everything and most importantly honest to me about the pros, cons and all options and possibilities. Without me even asking I appreciated that so much.I don't think he left anything out. What sold me to get it done was when I met Lauren. She was such a sweetheart and very compassionate. Even shared her personal story with me which she didn't have to. I'm a very nervous person and often think ok if something is going to go wrong it's going to happen to me one of those freak accidents. She helped put me at ease. She told me to keep in touch if I needed anything. Honestly we have. She's been a big part of my successful journey and my biggest support. I couldn't have done this without her. I'm beyond happy with my mommy makeover. It has exceeded my expectations. Dr Ringler is gifted at what he does. He has a passion for his work and it shows. Just looking at my photo speaks the truth. The day I had my procedure and got home and Dr. Ringler called me to see how I was doing and told me to call him if I have any issues on his cell. This was on a holiday mind you. Who does that?! A person who truly cares about his patients! Dr. Ringler and Lauren are one of a kind. I'd recommend them to anyone you won't regret it. You will just wish you did it sooner.

(RealSelf 09/23)

The results LASTED

I will go nowhere else. I have been to a few places for my lip injections and nothing compares to Dr Ringlers office! I was absolutely floored with the treatment I received and the results I walked away with. Usually when I got it done before at a different place, I would bruise easily and get bumps everywhere. I was very uneven at times as well. It didn’t seem to have lasting results. Since I moved to Ringlers office, I was nothing but shocked at how well I was cared for and all my questions were answered very professionally and clearly. I had barely any pain at all with my lip injections (I usually feel quite a bit) and I did not bruise! I was even all around and the results LASTED. I have been getting my lips done many times with them and the outcome is the very same every time..PERFECT! Very consistent, very natural! I experienced no bumps at all. Perfect looking natural lips. I have gotten so many compliments and I won’t stop sharing my experiences with others! They know what they are doing and better yet, they love what they do and have a passion for it!

(Google 09/23)

Very professional atmosphere

Wonderful experience at this office. Very professional atmosphere, and incredibly welcoming. The process was painless and quick. Dayna was especially welcoming, and a pleasure to talk to.

(Google 09/23)

Highly recommend!

I’ve had such a great experience with this office. Everyone I came in contact with was so helpful and kind, not to mention talented. I had a particularly great experience with Lauren. Highly recommend!

(Google 09/23)

Thrilled with my results

I have always felt so comfortable at Dr. Ringler’s office! His staff is amazing! I am thrilled with my results. I highly recommend this office!

(Google 09/23)

Trained and knowledgeable

The highest degree of professionalism and service I have ever experienced as an aesthetician. Not just on time and courteous, but staff are well trained and knowledgeable. I think this might be my body’s forever place. :)

(Google 08/23)

Absolutely Worth It!

I consulted a couple of surgeons and the staff (Lauren) within Dr. Ringler's office and his bedside manner were both exceptional. I had a platysmaplasty with submental liposuction with Dr. Ringer and only wish I had elected to do this sooner. I was treated with kindness when I asked for a surgery reschedule, the scheduler found an alternative date soon after. I had zero pain and mild discomfort (tight feeling in the neck when I looked up) for one week after. I historically bruise terribly, but I was happy to find the bruising for this was on the sides of my neck with a small amount of fluid on my chest for two to three days (comparable to 1/3 cup of water under the skin). I immediately noticed the improvement and would highly recommend this procedure. I appreciate his skill, his staff that are welcoming and kind, and the candid feedback he provides. Zero complaints and zero regrets. I would recommend the office (and have) to family and friends.

(RealSelf 08/23)

Listened to Me and Gave His Thoughts and Recommendations

Dr Ringler was the third surgeon out of the four consults I had prior to making a decision. I knew he was the one while talking to him. Aside from some of the practices he has that I preferred (years of experience, surgery at a surgical center, entrance from the axillary, the option of saline), he was the only one who made me feel like a human and not an object that needed a ton of work to look great. He listened to me and gave his thoughts and recommendations. He was patient with me when I had questions, rethinking the size I wanted and questioning the pros and cons of saline vs silicone. His staff is amazing and supportive. I am 5 months out and so incredibly pleased with my results. My only regret is I did not do it sooner. Highly recommend Dr. Ringler.

(RealSelf 07/23)

Amazing Experience from Start to Finish

Dr. Ringler and the office staff are absolutely amazing. From the initial consultation they made me feel like part of the family. Dr. Ringler has amazing talents and made me feel fully informed of all the options presented. Expectations of final results were well explained and examples shared. The procedure day was a breeze and the hospital staff spoke highly of Dr. Ringler and the expected results as well. Follow-up care has been wonderful. My results at just two months out from surgery are absolutely life changing. I am so thankful for Dr. Ringler and the CAPS staff.

(RealSelf 06/23)

Absolutely love this office

Absolutely love this office and the people that work there! From the relaxing atmosphere, to the friendly staff! I was having skin issues that I was completely insecure about. So it was recommended that I see Amber. She did an amazing job! She also gave me great tips and tricks for at home care. I look forward to my next service with her! Highly recommend!

(Google 04/23)

Love my Result!!

I love my results, Dr Ringler and staff are the best. I did my research and decided on Dr. Ringler even though I was 1 1/2 hours away, I still felt it was worth the drive to know I was in good hands and I definitely made the right choice. I am 1 year post op and I feel great. My scars are fading and looking really good. The staff were awesome too, very pleasant and helpful. This has given me self-confidence again. I can't say enough about Dr. Ringler and staff. If you are looking to have any cosmetic surgery I highly recommend Dr. Ringler.

(RealSelf 03/23)

Elite Artistry & Care

I had a tummy tuck with lipo of the hips, back and thighs and I am 100% happy w/ my care & results! Dr. Ringler has amazing talent and his expectations for quality are evident from the moment you walk into his office. This quality flows through to his friendly staff and Lauren helps set accurate expectations of surgery & recovery. It was so reassuring as each day passed to remember what she said would be the normal process and how I would be feeling - she was spot on. The surgery center nurses and anesthesiologist were exceptional too. I have a history of bad anesthetic reactions and he listened with true concern and determination to be prepared to help me recover without side-effects. He succeeded and my recovery went very well for the first time in 4 surgeries (c-sections). I had minimal pain and never even had to take the narcotic that was prescribed, I did well on just ibuprofen and Tylenol. I felt safe & cared for by everyone every step of the journey. I'm now 3 weeks post-op and my tummy is flatter than it was even before kids and I believe Lauren when she says I will just continue to improve. Thank you all for the exceptional care!

(RealSelf 01/23)

Tummy tuck and liposuction - I'm now 3 weeks post-op and my tummy is flatter than it was even before kids

I had a tummy tuck with lipo of the hips, back and thighs and I am 100% happy w/ my care & results! Dr. Ringler has amazing talent and his expectations for quality are evident from the moment you walk into his office. This quality flows through to his friendly staff and Lauren helps set accurate expectations of surgery & recovery. It was so reassuring as each day passed to remember what she said would be the normal process and how I would be feeling - she was spot on. The surgery center nurses and anesthesiologist were exceptional too. I have a history of bad anesthetic reactions and he listened with true concern and determination to be prepared to help me recover without side-effects. He succeeded and my recovery went very well for the first time in 4 surgeries (c-sections). I had minimal pain and never even had to take the narcotic that was prescribed, I did well on just ibuprofen and Tylenol. I felt safe & cared for by everyone every step of the journey. I'm now 3 weeks post-op and my tummy is flatter than it was even before kids and I believe Lauren when she says I will just continue to improve. Thank you all for the exceptional care!

(RealSelf 01/23)

I have a core again, look & feel amazing & have zero back pain after tummy tuck

I had been struggling with severe diastasis recti since my second child was born five years ago. It caused horrible back pain and was affecting my workouts and everyday life. I went to physical therapy for about a year and did exercises to try and improve it but nothing worked. I decided to do some research on tummy tucks to correct the issue and researched top doctors in the area. I was drawn to Dr Ringler not only because he was a top rated doctor, but he performs a drainless tummy tuck. I had my consultation and decided to go through with the procedure. I am a little over three months post op and it has been life changing. The drainless method is definitely the way to go! The healing process has actually been easy. I started going on longer walks and went back to work three weeks post op, started back jogging/ light weight training six weeks post op, now three months post op I am running, weights training and doing core exercises. Dr Ringler and his staff have been nothing but amazing from the start! I am so happy with my results this far! I have a core again and I look and feel amazing and have zero back pain! Thanks!

(RealSelf 01/23)

Wonderful tummy tuck 1 month post-op - I felt safe & secure

Dr. Ringler is a fabulous person and an incredible doctor. He cares about each patient and will go above and beyond to make them happy. I love his staff and everyone working there as well. I always felt safe and secure and I would never go to anyone else. Thank you for everything, Dr. Ringler!

(RealSelf 12/22)

Why did I wait so long? Could not be happier with the result

I highly highly highly recommend Dr. Ringler to anyone. I could not be happier with the care I received or the results of my procedure. I suffered with a pretty severe diastasis recti (separated abdominal muscles) for almost 20 years after my last pregnancy. I had been told by other surgeons there was nothing to be done and it was 'just the price of motherhood.' Over time, it became worse, to the point where I had to wear elastic waist pants all the time and appeared to be 4 months pregnant, even though I was a normal weight and in good shape otherwise. Thank heavens I finally found Dr. Ringler. He took the time to explain the procedure to me and answer any questions I had. I could tell from his before-and-after photos that he was a true artist, and I was not disappointed. He's so knowledgeable and experienced that he had my complete confidence going into surgery. Everything went very smoothly and I returned home that day. He personally called to check on me the next day which was so kind of him. And I appreciated that I could call the office with questions throughout the recovery period and somebody always called me right back. Even though there was swelling at first, I could see the results right away and I was so excited! Now that it's been a few months, I can clearly see my new shape and it's way beyond my wildest expectations. Clothing fits like it did before I had children and I'm just so much more comfortable. It's hard to describe what a difference it's made in my life... worth every penny! I'd also like to mention that everyone in his office is patient, kind, and professional, and so nice to deal with. The office itself is gorgeous. Now that I'm on the other side, I realize what a major procedure this was (mostly due to the extent of the repairs I needed) and how very important it was to choose the right surgeon. Dr. Ringler was definitely the right person and I'm grateful every day I went to him.

(RealSelf 12/22)

Face and neck lift - the results are fabulous!

My experience with Dr. Ringler and his staff was wonderful from start to finish. I am 65 years old and have never had surgery before, so having a face and neck lift was somewhat terrifying for me. From the onset, Dr. Ringler and his staff were understanding, supportive and oh so professional. Every question and concern I had was addressed with respect and kindness. And the results are fabulous!! I get SO many compliments on my appearance -- even from friends who do not know that I had any "work" done. This experience has been such a confidence booster for me. If you are considering any type of plastic surgery run don't walk to this practice.

(RealSelf 11/22)

10 days post op exceptional circumferential TT revision job

I reached out to Dr. Ringler after having a previous Extended TT, MR, and FDL the previous year with less than stellar results. I really needed to be 'fixed'. Dr. Ringler kindly did a consult with me and told me he felt he could give me a good result with a circumferential TT. I was ecstatic that he was willing to take it on as I had been told by the previous PS that there was nothing more that could be done for me because of my bone structure. I waited for over a year to completely heal from my first surgery and then had my surgery with Dr. Ringler. I am now 10 days post op and my results are AMAZING! I am so thrilled with the work he did and how I look. Dr. Ringler truly is my 'Miracle Dr' and is awesome!!! I am a RN and am quite familiar with medical issues, procedures, and all, so this made it even more impressive to me. If I could, I would give him 10 stars!!! I highly recommend him to anyone wanting a tummy tuck. Thank you so much, Dr. Ringler.

(RealSelf 09/22)

Finally had the drainless tummy tuck surgery; only regret is waiting all those years

Highly recommend Dr. Ringler. I met with him over 20 years ago after my baby was born and again about 10 years ago. I finally had the Drainless TT surgery; my only regret is waiting all those years. I couldn't be happier with my results and my care with Dr. Ringler + Staff. It truly changed my life!!

(RealSelf 08/22)

Over the moon with my results - it is 100% exactly what I asked for

"I picked Dr Ringler based on excellent reviews as well as his professionalism. Today, many surgeons are still quite biased towards silicone implants, so it was important for me to find a surgeon who genuinely supported the benefits of an ideal implant (my #1 choice). I also have a strong preference for the transaxillary incision, which Dr Ringler specializes in. :) Dr Ringler and his staff are GEMS! One day post op and I had already gone back to most normal activities, I only took Tylenol and Motrin the first 5 days, and nothing ever since. I am so in love with the work Dr Ringler did for me! It is 100% exactly what I asked for and I am SO grateful to have been able to work with Ringler and his amazing staff. The communication between myself and Dr Ringler’s staff was phenomenal the entire time. I worked closely with Lauren B (patient coordinator) who felt like a friend in my corner from day one and was generally such a sweetheart. Everyone, everyone, everyone along the way has been so kind and helpful in answering any questions and staying on top of everything (pre and post op) and I’m so thankful. Thank you for all you do!"

(RealSelf 07/22)

He gave me my youth and confidence back - I look so natural

I’ve known Dr. Ringler since 2011 and I can say he is the best plastic surgeon I’ve known! I’m so very happy with my results! He gave me my youth and confidence back I look so natural no one can tell I had something done, this is my second Macs face lift and I knew I could trust him completely he did a beautiful blepharoplasty and now I look refreshed with more space for eyeshadow besides his amazing skills he is a wonderful person always willing to hear your needs and explain everything that you need to know in a very clear easy to understand way, I recommend him 100% and I wouldn’t do any surgeries with anybody else. I love my plastic surgeon and I’m so happy I found him!

(RealSelf 07/22)

Extraordinary MACS Facelift results - 3 months post-op

"This was my third surgical procedure with Dr. Ringler over the past 30 years. His attention to detail, compassionate care, and unparalleled skill are second to none. In each case, my results were beyond my expectations. He is a true master at his craft."

(RealSelf 06/22)

Facelift revision - best ever doctor! Listened to all my concerns

"Dr. Ringler is the best ever! I never felt rushed, he listened to all my concerns. I had a facelift with another Dr. Only 2 years ago and was disappointed with the results. I will not be going to anyone else!"

(RealSelf 06/22)

Excellent First-Class Experience

"Dr. Ringler is truly the best! He instantly put me at ease and answered all my questions with detail and confidence. I am now three weeks post op and my results are exceeding my expectations. These excellent results could only have been achieved by Dr. Ringler. He is a master at his craft and ensuring my experience was first-class."

(RealSelf 05/22)

Tummy Tuck with Lipo After Four Kids in Five Years

"I waited for this procedure for two years and visited several doctors before settling on Dr. Ringler. His professionalism is unparalleled and his staff went above and beyond to make sure all of my questions and concerns were addressed. I am only one day out from my procedure, but I can already see my results. I felt like Dr. Ringler listened to me and didn’t pressure me to look a certain way. I would recommend Dr. Ringler in a heartbeat."

(RealSelf 05/22)

A Positive Experience All the Way Around

"After being a sole caregiver for my husband for 3 years and the dreaded 6-0 rapidly approaching I decided it was time for me to put myself first for a change. And a change was what I needed! Deep marionette lines around my mouth, disappearing eyelids and more chins appearing rapidly, I took a deep breath and made an appointment for a consultation with Dr. Ringler. Both he and his staff made me feel so comfortable from the moment I walked through the front door. Dr. Ringler addressed each of my concerns and took the time to explain all the options to me. With a plan in hand, Dr. Ringler then handed me over to his surgical coordinator Lauren. Lauren is wonderful, she made the scheduling process an absolute breeze. The surgery itself, while extensive, went very well, and I experienced very little discomfort. I am now on day 9 post surgery, and I am already so impressed with my results. I look years younger than prior to the surgery, without the "windblown" look some facelifts can leave you with. I am not just giving Dr. Ringler and his staff are 5 stars, I am giving them 5 GOLD stars!"

(RealSelf 04/22)

Above and Beyond My Expectations.

"I have been considering cosmetic surgery for several years and finally took the plunge this week! I'll be 58 this coming spring and my post menopausal years had begun to age me faster than I ever anticipated. Of course all of the zoom conferencing over the past two years with coworkers half my age didn't help my self esteem either. I'm fit, eat well and exercise regularly, but nothing was stopping the clock on my aging face. Over the past year I also lost weight due to thyroid issues, so it made my decision to move forward with facial rejuvenation surgery much easier. I did a lot of research (over three years worth) and talked to at least three surgeons. I made a decision based on reviews like this, as well as my personal experience with being a patient (botox and laser treatments) at Dr. Ringler's office for over three years. There's no doubt in my mind that I made the right choice. My surgery included a MACS facelift, upper and lower blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), an extended neck lift and fat transfer to help fill out my hollowed cheeks. Thanks to an extremely skilled, artistic and compassionate surgeon and team—Dr. Ringler and staff. Thank you for everything!"

(RealSelf 12/21)

No Pain and Fast Recovery!!

"I had a drain less Tummy Tuck done with Dr. Ringler in March 2021. I was pretty nervous since I had never had surgery before. I have absolutely no regrets! Dr. Ringler and his staff are all wonderful and helpful. I had my procedure and within 3 days was back online working from home. I had very little pain and swelling. I was walking around the same day and back on my Peloton bike within 5 weeks. It was great to experience this without all of the drains and bags you see others struggling with. The only regret that I have is not doing this 10 years ago. I love my results and feel amazing!!"

(RealSelf 11/21)

Thrilled With Results

"Great experience and great results. I’ve always been on the slender side but I’ve also always had “saddlebags” that prevented me from wanting to wear anything that showed my hips. After years of trying to exercise off the saddlebags, with no success, I decided, at 55 that I was going to pursue liposuction. I am over the moon thrilled with the results. I’m post op four months and I still take a second glance in the mirror at the results. Life is short, you deserve to feel the best in your body."

(RealSelf 10/21)

Great staff and Dr. Ringler is very personable.

"Had some Botox, some coolsculpting and of course ultherapy here. Great staff and Dr. Ringler is very personable. Considering having a blepharoplasty done here. Staff always takes their time with me and answers all my questions."

(RealSelf 10/21)

Genuine Team

"I had a wonderful consultation regarding a couple different areas. I appreciated that Dr. Ringler was clear to point out the services for which I was and was not a candidate. I never felt over-sold or pressured to sign up for more than what I wanted. The consultation actually gave me a major self-esteem boost and motivated me to want to try to achieve my image goals on my own now and plan for how the center can help me in the future. Later, at an unrelated appointment, I told Lauren that the team had given me so much self-confidence that I was holding off on surgery for now; she was genuinely happy for me and said that made her day. I feel the team is a true support system for each patient's unique aesthetic journey and they are in your corner all along the way. Thank you :)"

(RealSelf 10/21)

Dr. Ringler Gave Me Exactly What I Wanted

"Where do I begin? I will admit that I agonized over a facelift (lower facelift, neck lift, fat graft and eyelids) . Was I being vain even considering plastic surgery? Well......This was the best decision ever!! Everything was so easy, comfortable, and literally pain free! Dr. Ringler really is an artist! I was afraid of that plastic look or being caught in a wind tunnel. But Dr Ringler provided exactly what I wanted, to look like I just lost the wrinkles on my neck and the jowls. I am beyond happy with my results!! If you are hesitating......DON'T!! You will be amazed how good you feel! And I didnt even mention how fast you heal!! I was out shopping within a week!! Not 100 percent healed but no issues being out and about. And a HUGE special thanks to Lauren Byers, Patient Care Coordinator, who provided excellent care when I was so apprehensive over my procedure. She received a few nervous phone calls from me and had the patience and sincere concern to talk with me and alleviate all my nervousness away. THANK YOU LAUREN!! So to end this lengthy review......Just Do It!!! You will be thrilled that you did it! Look at me now at over 65 years old!"

(RealSelf 06/21)

Just As Expected

"I'm sending this review 9 days post-procedure (lower facelift, necklift, and fat grafting)! Everything is just what Dr. Ringler and the team promised. The overall experience and service were impeccable yet I also want to comment on the top-notch quality of the surgeon and his mastery. I have been on a hunt for the "right" plastic surgeon for years and am so glad to find Dr. Ringler. Everything went just as he said it would be! Very very pleased. Search no more...This team is the real deal!"

(RealSelf 06/21)

I am so very pleased with Dr. Ringler and his wonderful staff

"I am one week into my tummy tuck and Lipo. So far so good! I am so very pleased with Dr. Ringler and his wonderful staff. They make you feel like one of the family. They always made time for me to answer any questions or concerns that I may have had, and still have! Highly recommend it!"

(RealSelf 05/21)

Best Experience with Dr. Ringer and His Team

"I could not be happier with Dr. Ringler and his team. I recently had a MACS Facelift, extended neck lift and facial fat grafting. The experience was seamless - beginning with the initial consultation, surgery and post-op visit. Dr. Ringler, in my opinion, is without a doubt the best plastic surgeon in the Grand Rapids area. Dr. Ringler explained the surgery procedure so well that I truly knew he was the only doctor that I had full confidence in. My results were GREAT!!!"

(RealSelf 05/21)

Tummy Tuck with Liposuction After 3 Kids!

"I got a full drainless tummy tuck, with liposuction of the thighs, flanks and back. Today I am two weeks in a day post up and already back to work! Feeling great, I don't notice much swelling. Can’t wait to start exercising a little to get these thighs firmed up and to go shopping!!!"

(RealSelf 05/21)

My Surgery Was Life Changing!

"Fantastic! Aside from his kindness and wonderful care, the results of my Tummy Tuck are incredible. The confidence I have gained with my looks has made me so happy. I have gone down two pant sizes, clothes fit better, and I love getting dressed every day. The first week of recovery was as tough as reported but after that it was a breeze and so worth it. My kudos to Dr. Ringler and staff, my tummy is flat, my abs are tight, my behind doesn’t have love handles and my waist is tiny. So much more than I even dreamed was possible! Thank you, Thank you!"

(RealSelf 04/21)

Amazing Patient Care and Phenomenal Results - WIN-WIN!

"Dr. Ringler performed an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck) and a breast lift with Galaflex on me in Aug of 2020. From the very first interaction with Dr. Ringler and his staff, I felt so cared for and comfortable. Lauren Byers was so patient and responsive to my many questions. She always responded quickly and reassured me that I could contact her anytime. When I met with Dr. Ringler, his compassion and bedside manner were beyond comparison. He was so kind and gentle. When I was worried about not having enough breast tissue and questioned if I should also get implants, he assured me that I didn't need implants given my goals. He didn't try to sell me on anything and talked me out of getting more done than I needed. In my mind, this speaks to his character. He isn't trying to sell you on anything. His goal is to support you in your goals for your body. I'm now 8 months post-op, and I couldn't be happier! This surgery has been life-changing in the best way! I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Ringler!"

(RealSelf 04/21)

Best Plastic Surgery Office!

"Dr. Ringler did an amazing job. His staff are hands down the best. Dr. Ringler showed me every option possible. Showed me my best option for my body frame. I would highly recommend the Dr. Ringler office. You will definitely not be disappointed!"

(RealSelf 04/21)

The staff are very welcoming and attentive to your needs

"I had a tummy tuck and breast lift with augmentation. Today I’m exactly 5 weeks post op and I can’t be happier with my results. I love that he uses a drainless technique and I’m very grateful I found Dr. Ringler. The staff are very welcoming and attentive to your needs. I have already recommended him to several people."

(RealSelf 04/21)

Perfect MACS Lift

"Dr. Ringler definitely deserves five stars for his exceptional surgical skill and calming presence. I was very nervous and apprehensive about my MACS lift. Dr. Ringler immediately set me at ease before the surgery. I could not be happier with the result. He definitely listened to me about my hopes for the outcome because it is just what I wanted. The incisions are perfectly placed and almost invisible. Thank you Dr. Ringler!"

(RealSelf 02/21)

Best Surgeon There Could Ever Be

"My experience with Dr. Ringler was extremely smooth and almost painless! My results are everything beyond what I dreamed of and I couldn’t have asked for a better surgeon! I recommend him to everyone I know! My recovery was extremely easy and I was already up and going after just 3 days!"

(RealSelf 01/21)

Overwhelmed with Gratitude! An Amazing Experience!

"Overwhelmed with Gratitude to Dr. Ringler in his masterful expertise in performing my MACS facelift, extended neck lift, facial fat grafting, and blepharoplasty upper and lower lids, at age 70! What a thrilling experience to look years younger in appearance!

I appreciated the continued encouragement and calming support Dr. Ringler provided me with in each step of the way, from initial consultations explaining all details, to his uplifting bedside manner, to a personal follow up phone call at home, ensuring I had the best of care.

I can't believe how pain free this surgery was, a bonus surprise!

I cannot say enough about how gracious and outgoing Dr. Ringler's professional staff have been, creating an inviting and esthetic experience within his gorgeous office space.

Dr. Ringler truly is outstanding and exceptional in every detail; truly The Best!"

(RealSelf 12/20)

My Thanks to Dr. Ringler's Office

"Simply put, I was treated professionally and warmly. I was not coddled and did not want that. I am the type that prefers a doctor and staff that is straight up and indeed they were. Any question I had at any time was answered quickly and completely, giving me great confidence. Same is true for the Southwest Surgical Center where the surgery was performed. Highly recommended."

(RealSelf 11/20)

10 Out of 5 Stars!

"I had a tummy tuck, lipo, breast lift and augmentation, fat transfer to my booty, Botox and filler, skin care products and scar cream. I can not stress this enough, Dr. Ringler and his staff are AMAZING! I have wanted procedures forever and had many consultations before meeting Dr. Ringler. I went through with the procedures and have been so completely and entirely satisfied with his work and the ability to make me look natural! I have been going back for many other treatments and procedures because of how happy I am with their results, helpfulness, kindness, skills and professionalism! Having these procedures done has been the number one best thing I have ever done for myself and finding Dr. Ringler and staff has been such a blessing! 10 out of 5 stars!"

(RealSelf 10/20)

A 5 Star Experience!

"Today begins week three post Lipo of my back, abdominal, and thighs and I am so incredibly happy so far! I feel far more like myself and confident as well. I’m able to go out in clothes that I want to wear and not feel overwhelmed, self-conscious/depressed like before. I can’t say thank you enough and I know these aren’t even the final results yet. Most of my bruising is gone along with the pain. I was able to do obstacle courses/climbing in the trees and zip lining at an event with my work all day yesterday without much pain. I have the slightest feeling of soreness at times and some tightness in my legs, but it’s nothing that I notice very often or stops me from doing things. It’s more so when I try to do semi demanding things, such as modified vinyasa yoga flows or zip-lining/walking at work for long hours at a time.

I’m so excited for the next couple of months as swelling continues to go down and the final results start to set in more. I also couldn’t be more pleased with Dr. Ringler and his staff. They were incredibly polite, professional, and reassuring. I have never had surgery before and was extremely nervous, but despite that, I stuck with my inner feelings of having this done and tried to focus on trusting all those who were involved to get me through it all. I am so glad I did because this was not only one of the biggest decisions of my life but one of the more impactful ones as well! Dr. Ringler and his staff answered my many questions, which really helped ease my anxiety and made me feel more comfortable, which I appreciate so very much.

I was hoping to get a more feminine look as I’ve always been on the muscular side and have had issues that caused my body to hold onto fat despite exercise and diet in the past. From the day I came home from the hospital, my expectations were already far exceeded and I am more than happy with my decision to have Dr. Ringler as my surgeon!"

(RealSelf 10/20)

So Worth It!! Don’t Wait!

"I wouldn’t consider myself a typical 'plastic surgery' patient. In fact, it took me so long to build up the courage to even book a consultation because I was worried I would be judged. I don’t know what I was waiting for! I met with Dr Ringler and his staff and felt at ease immediately. Dr Ringler was so knowledgeable and had great options for my breast lift with implants. I went and got other opinions and quotes because I felt like I should do my due diligence, which is something I normally wouldn’t do. I’m a gut reaction kind of girl! I could’ve saved myself the consultation fees and time by just going with my gut initially, with Dr. Ringler! No other offices were as inviting and unpretentious. No other doctors 'heard' what I was saying about what I wanted. Finally, no other work (before/afters) were as relatable to my body or as close to perfect symmetry as Dr. Ringler's. His work is symmetric and impeccable! I have no visible scar from the implant in my armpit and my lift scars are already almost invisible after just 4 weeks. If you’re on the fence about getting this procedure done, don’t be! It was very minimal pain and I felt great the next day. My only regret in this whole process is that I waited so long to do this!"

(RealSelf 09/20)

Dr. Ringler and Staff Are Amazing

"I couldn’t have had a better experience. Every question was answered. Dr. Ringler made me feel very comfortable and I knew I was in good hands for such a life changing experience. My surgery has been done for 3 weeks and I am so happy with my decision. The office staff is amazing. An especial shout out to Lauren who was so excited for the changes I had decided to make. Her excitement for me eased any doubt I might have had."

(RealSelf 09/20)

The Most Skilled Surgeon and Artist

"I was extremely nervous about having a breast augmentation surgery and I had a lot of questions. Lauren was friendly, honest and prompt with responding to my questions. Dr. Ringler listened to my concerns and allowed me to process the information and made me feel confident with my decision. He was honest and did not pressure me to make a quick decision. Although the first few weeks after the operation were difficult I am thrilled with the results! I look natural and I feel confident. It is clear that Dr. Ringler is a skilled surgeon and an artist. I highly recommend Dr. Ringler and his team!"

(RealSelf 08/20)

Forever Grateful to Dr. Ringler

"I have nothing but the best to say about Dr. Ringler and his staff. I had my full Tummy Tuck on August 6th and I am forever grateful to the best doctor ever. I was up and walking right away with minimal swelling, pain was present for a couple of days which was expected and normal, I drove to my post op on day 5. I am part of a support group on FB for women that have had their tummy tuck and I honestly can't compare my results to others. I feel sad for some of the ladies and they paid way more than I did. I am amazed by how beautiful my belly button and incision already looks like. Dr. Ringler for sure puts his heart into his work. I can't never thank him enough, he changed my life forever."

(RealSelf 08/20)

A Flawless, Seamless Experience!

"Based upon the results of a previous procedure, I considered no other surgeon than Dr. Ringler when I felt it was time to have additional work. This included a MACS facelift, neck lift, blepharoplasty upper bilateral, and facial fat grafting, all based upon a thorough evaluation of my needs. Dr. Ringler and his staff received a five-star rating from me that represent: 1) procedure results, 2) pre-operation information/preparation, 3) on-going, efficient lines of communication (rapid response time), 4) post-operation procedures/feedback, and 5) the Surgical Center where Dr. Ringler performs his surgeries; professional staff that told me what was occurring every step of the way. As a final note, during this time of Covid-19, every possible safety precaution was taken which I found to be very reassuring. Many thanks to Dr. Ringler and his personable staff!"

(RealSelf 08/20)

Truly a Class Act!!

"Dr. Ringler and everyone that he employs is absolutely top notch. I had a tummy tuck with liposuction and I was not nervous one time throughout the process. Lauren Byers the Patient Care Coordinator was so interested in my needs and so responsive to my many questions. Never once did I feel judged during this process and I was in good hands the entire time. One of the highlights of this event was when I was being put under the entire surgery team had their hands on my arms saying positive words while I went to sleep. The after care at Southwest Surgical Center was amazing. So many caring people that made this process not scary. The best part of the whole thing, my results are amazing. I can't even believe this is my body and I'm still recovering. One week out and I'm thrilled. I can't imagine how happy I'll be when the swelling goes down. I would recommend Dr. Ringler and his staff to anyone. Truly a class act!"

(RealSelf 07/20)

It Was Exactly What I Would have Hoped For

"Got a tummy tuck and it was exactly what I would have hoped for. Easy recovery, professional with no drainage. I would recommend Dr. Ringler."

(RealSelf 07/20)

Stellar Experience

"Exceptional experience! The office is exquisite, the staff is lovely and gracious and Dr. Ringler lived up to his impeccable reputation! I had a platysmaplasty, neck lift and facial fat transfer under sedation and local anesthetic. Though vaguely aware at times during the surgery, I never experienced pain or discomfort. I took suggestion of Lauren, the wonderful Office Coordinator, and purchased the Arnica supplement I took prior and post surgery. A notoriously horrible bruiser in the past, I believe this really made a difference."

(RealSelf 07/20)

Dr. Ringler is an Amazing Surgeon!

"Dr. Ringler is an amazing surgeon! I had breast augmentation with ideal implants at 375 cc. I was a AA prior to surgery and had slightly sagging breasts after nursing my son for 11 months. I was nervous about the implants looking fake or looking like I’m wearing a permanent push up bra; especially since I had pretty minimal breast tissue to start with. I told Dr. Ringler that I wanted a very natural look and nothing too exaggerated and boy did he deliver. I am so pleased with the results! It’s only been 3 weeks post op and my breasts already look so natural. They have a very teardrop shape to them and I required no lift. My recovery was very smooth as well. The first 3 days were rough, but after that it got a lot easier to do what I needed. By one week I was able to pick up my 1 yr old son very sparingly. By 10 days post op I went hiking, paddle boarding and was able to pick up my son pretty regularly. Now that I’m just shy of 3 weeks post op, I’m almost at 100% back to normal activity. I’d say one more week and I’ll be able to get back to lifting weights. I had no complications with pain, bleeding, scarring or anything of the sort. I am so happy that I went with Dr. Ringler. I would highly recommend him for anyone else considering plastic surgery."

(RealSelf 07/20)

Dr. Ringler Has Helped Build my Self Esteem, VERY HAPPY

"I had a mommy makeover at the end of May 2020. I am 3 weeks post op and I am still in the healing process, however am very happy thus far with the results. The staff has always been super courteous and respectful and took as much time as I needed to answer any questions whether that was via phone, in person, or email. Dr Steven Ringler is most definitely a Dr you can trust to do it correctly but to also do the procedures safely. If I need any other work done, or shall I say when I need other work done, this will for sure be the office I go to. Special shout out to Lauren and Dani for having exceptional people skills and making me feel so comfortable."

(RealSelf 06/20)

AMAZING Everything I Wanted and MORE

"From the moment the door swings open you're treated with respect kindness and professionalism, I myself partake in fillers usually selected by the featured product of the month or recommended by the very competent ladies (may I add very beautiful ladies) I would be remiss if I didn't mention the equally lovely esthetician, pure heaven, your face will thank you for months! Now for the surgery side, from the scheduling to post-op Laurens available for all questions and there were so many from me, I enjoyed speaking with her! I don't blame these ladies for their great attitudes; the offices are even beautiful! More importantly, they work for a very kind knowledgeable talented man Dr. Ringler has a great eye, (that’s a gift, you can’t learn that) if you’re looking to improve or repair something he’ll know how to achieve it, I know I’m thoroughly pleased with the endoscopic Brow Lift; I look in the mirror now and see a woman that looks so much happier her eyes no longer look sad."

(RealSelf 03/20)

A True Artist

"Dr. Ringler’s warmth, expertise, vision, and care was clear through the process but nothing could have prepared me for the end result. He listened to all of my self-proclaimed “high maintenance” requests-specific size and shape considerations-and made my visions a reality! My recent breast augmentation procedure was such a success-immediately I could see that not only did he listen at those earlier consultations but he honored each of my requests. This takes not just experience but an ARTISTIC eye! Top notch doctor. Top notch office. Top notch Patient Care Coordinator. Lauren stood out in her sincerity and honesty...quick with answers via email and phone calls. I truly cannot imagine a more superb plastic surgeon/staff! Thank you for my natural results! But more so, thank you for being trustworthy!"

(RealSelf 03/20)

I Trust This Place

"This is a great place! I had my breast lifted by Dr.Ringler, and I cannot be more happy about my choice! Currently I choose the Dr.Ringler clinic for Forever Young BBL. All stuff is high professional and very well trained specialists!"

(RealSelf 03/20)

I Had an Incredible Experience

"Incredible experience with doctor Ringler and staff. I've decided to get the mommy makeover. Talking with the doctor and telling him my wants we decided on abdominoplasty full bilateral breast augmentation with silicone implants and a vertical mastopexy. I'm less than 2 weeks post op and I'm ecstatic about my results. I'm so amazed at how well I'm feeling. He wasn't only an amazing doctor he also has an amazing staff. They are friendly, helpful and go above and beyond. I would recommend it to anyone. I'm very pleased with the results!!!! So happy!"

(RealSelf 03/20)

Very Pleased

"Dr. Ringler said I needed to take care of skin care and sun damage - suggested procedures that would benefit me - I was ready to jump in for facelift - I am in my seventies. I have been a sun worshiper all my life and still gravitate to it. Katie Converse did the procedure and explained everything she was doing and made me comfortable. I am very pleased and only a week out - if recommended I need to do another I would have no problem. Beautiful Center and very professional staff."

(RealSelf 02/20)

This Office and All of the Staff are Great!

"My experience with this office was great!! Holly was very professional and also very caring. She was very attentive to me while administering my treatments. Dr Ringler is also a very caring doctor. I am very satisfied with the results of all of my treatments."

(RealSelf 01/20)

Such an amazing surgeon

"Dr. Ringler performed my capsulotomy with implant exchange and a lift with galaflax placed. I can't even begin to express how very happy I am with my results. I went into this surgery not knowing if he would be able to totally correct the issues I was having after my initial surgeon did such a crap job, but I am one month post op and my results are nothing but amazing!! So very grateful I went with my gut instinct and chose Dr. Ringler as my surgeon."

(RealSelf 01/20)

Hands Down Worth It

"Dr. Ringler and the staff at Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery are so helpful, friendly and caring. I will never look at another center for my needs. I love my new boobs. Best decision ever :)"

(RealSelf 01/20)

Amazing Results

"I had a tummy tuck and breast implants done and am beyond happy with the results. This was my first time going to a plastic surgeon and had no idea what to expect. Dr Ringler and his staff were amazing. I never felt any pressure and they were great at making sure I understood everything and felt comfortable along the way. The results were also everything I wanted, he’s a very talented surgeon. I had a previous scar from my belly button down to my pubic bone from a prior surgery that was able to be removed during my tummy tuck. Comparing how my scar healed before to how my skin is healing now I can absolutely tell you, there can be a huge difference in your end result depending on who performs the surgery. I will definitely return if I want anything else done in the future."

(RealSelf 11/19)

Amazing Patient Experience!

"Dr Ringler and his staff were amazing from my first consult through my surgery and follow up appointments. Dr Ringler gives you that personal touch every patient should have when making a big decision to have elective surgery. He was great at explaining everything and made sure i was informed and at ease. An overall amazing experience & I am loving the results of my tummy tuck."

(RealSelf 11/19)

Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery is AMAZING

"Dr Ringler and his staff were amazing from my first consult through my surgery and follow up appointments. Dr Ringler gives you that personal touch every patient should have when making a big decision to have elective surgery. He was great at explaining everything and made sure i was informed and at ease. An overall amazing experience & I am loving the results of my tummy tuck."

(RealSelf 11/19)

I Had an Amazing Experience

From the first consultation with Dr. Ringler and his staff, I was sure I wanted to opt for facial surgery. I have absolutely no regrets. The surgery was more than I could have hoped for. I didn't want to spend the rest of my life sitting pushing my face up to see what it could look like. They have a wonderful support staff, provide comfort, give gifts, and more. I highly recommend Dr. Ringler and his staff of incredible professionals.

(RealSelf 11/19)

Warm Caring and Accommodating

"Dr. Ringler and his office gals were warm, caring and accommodating to my needs. They had my best interest at heart and I'm very happy with my results after recently having a breast augmentation. I would highly recommend Dr. Ringler."

(RealSelf 10/19)

The Perfect Experience from Start to Finish.

"Everything about my experience was perfect. I felt informed, safe and helped at all times. Everyone I met in this process was beyond kind and encouraging and of course very helpful. In a heartbeat I would recommend Dr. Steven Ringler and his team to my closest family and friends."

(RealSelf 10/19)

Great results with Ideal Implant

"Dr Ringler is an amazing surgeon. He is compassionate and easy to talk to. My expectations for my breast augmentation were met and I am very happy with my results. I highly recommend anyone considering breast augmentation to schedule a consult with Dr Ringler. "

(RealSelf 08/19)

Absolutely Thrilled with my Experience!

"I recently came to Dr. Ringler’s office for a much needed mommy makeover (tummy tuck & breast lift, I have existing breast implants). I was on a time constraint with an upcoming vacation a few months away, I wanted to be healed before it was time to rest, relax, and hopefully don a new bikini. The friendly and professional team worked hard to squeeze me in for a consultation the very next day! I was warmly greeted by everyone I encountered during my consultation and was made comfortable, I felt very at ease. Dr. Ringler has absolutely wonderful bedside manner and took his time to address all of my questions and concerns. And just like that I was taking my “before” photos and scheduled my surgery. In the weeks leading up to surgery I must have called the office 100x with questions about the procedure and recovery. Lauren fielded most of these calls and let me just tell you- she is absolutely FANTASTIC! I really felt the support from a truly caring and knowledgeable staff. Before I knew it surgery day was here! I was extremely anxious when I arrived for my procedure, the staff at the surgical center was wonderful and my anxieties quickly went away. I have to thank his anesthesiologist as well, I usually get so incredibly sick and groggy from anesthesia but she also took the time to listen to my concerns and I woke up after my 4 hour “nap” feeling great! Dr Ringer made sure I was all set up with the proper medications for recovery (it was nice to know I had some options) and made sure to leave a note with numbers to call in case there were any post op questions or issues. After unwrapping my dressings to see the first peek at my results, I was totally thrilled, a week later and it just keeps getting better every day! I am feeling much better than I thought I would at this point and I’m really looking forward to seeing more progress as I heal over the next several weeks and months- and show off my new and improved self on vacation! If you are looking for an extremely skilled/gifted/trustworthy surgeon and a staff to match, Dr Ringler is definitely your guy!"

(RealSelf 08/19)

So Happy with my Neck!

"The entire office was a pleasure to work with. From the doctor to the nurse to the receptionist everyone was able to answer all of my questions quickly and easily. I am very happy with the end result and would highly recommend Dr. Ringler and his staff to anyone! "

(RealSelf 08/19)

Dr. Steven Ringler is an Amazing Surgeon

"Dr.Steven Ringler and his staff are wonderful. I trust Dr. Ringler fully in his knowledge and experience to perform surgery with such natural results. I love the fact that he was able to make me look much younger and refreshed without looking un-natural, pulled, or stretched. He is very talented and an artist when it come to surgery. I'm so pleased with my results."

(RealSelf 04/19)

Gave the Results I Wanted.

"I'm a 55 year old man, who works out regularly but needed a little help in the stomach area. Dr. Ringler suggested emsculpt. I achieved very noticeable results with 3 treatments. Not only thrilled with the results but he's got a top notch team."

(RealSelf 03/19)

Brilliant Plastic Surgeon

"My recent experience with Dr. Ringer was excellent. He is a very brilliant, caring, considerate surgeon willing to answer all questions and provide assurances to put even the most anxious patient at ease. His staff is superior, well informed and runs like a well-oiled machine. This is a first class operation and the results endorse that."

(RealSelf 03/19)

Excellent Care and Surgical Technique

"Dr Ringler and staff are very professional and easy to work with. Dr Ringler is very experienced and has the confidence and surgical technique and expertise to deliver an exceptional result. I highly recommend him."

(RealSelf 12/18)

My Surgery Was a Very Positive Experiece!

"My surgery was a very positive experience. It is truly everything I had hoped for. I feel I look natural and like my younger self. It has made me feel better about myself. I am very pleased with Dr. Ringer and all his staff and services."

(RealSelf 12/18)

I Recommend Dr. Ringler!

"I approached this idea of getting a face and neck lift with a bit of trepidation. Dr. Ringler and his team made the process a great success from beginning to end. From initial consult to post surgery check I was made comfortable, all my questions were answered and most importantly I received the skilled surgical process that makes this such a great outcome! If you're investigating plastic surgery, I recommend giving Dr. Ringler and his team a call!"

(RealSelf 12/18)

Look no further for anything aesthetic

"Look no further for anything aesthetic...Dr. Ringler and his staff are simply the best!"

(Vitals 11/18)

Highly Recommend

"Dr. Ringler and his staff are very professional and welcoming. My results have been amazing and I would highly recommend if you’re considering any plastic surgery that you consider working with Dr. Ringler. He is honest and with many years of experience you will know exactly what you are getting into."

(RealSelf 10/18)

Great provider and staff!

“I cannot say enough good about both Dr. Ringler and his staff. I have been a patient for several years and everyone is always professional and welcoming. I get Botox and fillers, and have recommended several friends to this office for a variety of procedures because I know they will be well taken care of! ” 

(RealSelf 10/18)

Most Skilled Dr and Staff

"I have been a patient for quite a few years and not only is Dr. Ringler the finest surgeon in his field, his staff is incredible. Sarah has been giving me treatments for several years and I have people tell me I am aging backwards."

RealSelf 08/18

 “Dr. Ringler is a top doctor for a well deserved reason. Anyone who has seen him and had work done by him know this. While extremely talented, Dr. Ringler and his whole team are also very kind and welcoming. The office is beautiful and I was very happy with my whole medical experience. I highly recommend this office” 

(RealSelf 07/18)

"Amazing Experience.  I am 5 days post op from a MACS Plus facelift with Facial Fat Grafting.  What an incredible experience this has been. Dr. Ringler and his staff have been extremely kind and caring! I had tons of questions both pre and post surgery//all of which have been thoroughly answered and explained.  I would definitely encourage anyone considering a facelift to seek out the expertise of Dr. Ringler. He is outstanding

(RealSelf 07/18)

I could not be more pleased with my experience and surgical outcome with Dr. Ringler and his staff! From my 1st consultation to my 6 week follow up all staff members were extremely courteous, helpful and always there with answers to my questions and the best part is the results of my procedure, which was a Bilateral Eye lift, were wonderful!!!  I also went in for my post surgery facial..which was no charge…which I did not know at the time..and I am now working with Amber who is very knowledgeable with skin and love their product line!  I have come to find out that Dr. Ringler…besides being a very talented cosmetic surgeon.. is also passionate about skin care and preventing aging…So the product lines they carry are very good and researched by Dr. Ringler himself !!!

(RealSelf 07/18)

“I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Ringler and his staff and am very pleased with my results! I had been contemplating getting breast augmentation surgery for years after having a baby and losing two cup sizes. I finally decided to research plastic surgeons in the area. Dr. Ringler had the most natural looking results and his professionalism and confidence sealed the deal. He listened to my concerns about recovery, skin stretching from the possibility of future children and wanting a natural look, feel and movement. Recovery was much easier than I expected; after the second day, I mainly just needed ibuprofen. I knew I would never stop thinking about it and I am so happy that I finally did it!”

(RealSelf 05/18)

“I have been a patient of Dr. Ringler for the past six years. This week he performed five procedures to remove the signs of aging. He performed a facelift, neck lift, upper and lower eye lifts and fat grafting to fill in areas where needed. The procedures were beautifully executed. He is truly an artist in human anatomy. The best plastic surgery is when you are refreshed to a more vibrant you! That is what Dr. Ringler did for me! I would highly recommend him for a facial procedure…and your face is your billboard to the world…no room for error! He delivers the desired results! 

(RealSelf 04/18)

“Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery has always provided expert service with beautiful results.  I have never been disappointed . I am one hundred percent satisfied with the service, the staff and my final results!” 

(RealSelf review 04/18)

I love these girls at Dr. Ringler’s office!!! The staff at Dr. Ringler’s office is so warm and friendly.  It is scary to go there seeking help, but Sarah, Katie and Lisa all put me at ease.  I decided to get the BBL and Halo for my face and neck. My son told me he thought I was wasting my money but I really wanted to reduce the sun damage, a scar on my cheek and reduce the pore size on my nose so to me it was worth a try. I am in total awe!!! My skin looks fantastic! Seriously! I cannot even begin to tell you how much better my skin looks.My son even told me he thinks my skin looks amazing now and thinks it was well worth the money.” 

(RealSelf review 04/18)

“I’ve been a loyal client for years now! The location has convenient hours and the staff do everything they can to accommodate your needs. I’ve been beyond impressed with the results and genuine suggestions Sarah has given me as I explore options for maintaining my youthful appearance.  Everyone at the office goes out of their way to make you feel confident and comfortable when you’re there. The place has a modern, fresh feeling that I love! I can’t imagine going anywhere else.” 

(RealSelf 04/18)

” Excellent service. The physician and staff were friendly, helpful and professional. As a physician I have had a lot of exposure to different health practices and Dr. Ringler’s practice is exceptional. I was pleased with the experience from start to finish. My husband and I love the results and my friends all want a consult.” 

(RealSelf review 01/18)

“I underwent an upper/lower bleph w/midface fat grafting with Dr. Ringler this past fall and I am just THRILLED with the results. While I had been contemplating the bleph for quite some time and just needed to gather up the courage to do it, the fat grafting was added at Dr. Ringler’s suggestion. While I never felt pressured to add the fat grafting (he answered all my questions and explained why he felt I should consider it) I knew I could trust him when he said he thought I’d still be happy if I *only* had the bleph. The whole experience was better than I expected and while yes, I bruised (took about 3+ weeks for it to fade), it was SOOO worth the outcome. I’m happy I trusted Dr. Ringler’s advice w/ the fat grafting and appreciate his skilled work. My only regret is not having the courage to go ahead with it sooner! If you’re looking for a skilled plastic surgeon, look no further than Dr. Ringler.” 

(RealSelf review 01/18)

“Dr. Ringler and his staff were beyond exceptional. Dr. Ringler eagerly took the time to listen me and understand what end results I was looking to obtain after my Upper/lower blepharoplasty. I am beyond satisfied with my natural looking appearance and I feel beautiful again.”

(RealSelf review 12/17)

"Dr. Ringler's office is incredible. Dr. Ringler has an impeccable reputation and lives up to it! I felt that the entire staff was extremely kind, patient, and knowledgeable. I am very satisfied with my results.Very professional from start to finish. Always prompt and a very positive atmosphere. My confidence has increased because of Dr. Ringler! Thank you so much to him & staff!"

(Vitals 11/17)

“Amazing experience all the way from initial consult to post-op for my Ideal Breast Augmentation with Dr. Ringler! His staff is great and so helpful too. Dr. Ringler really listened to what I wanted for my breast implant procedure outcome. I am a 40 year old mom to four kids so I had some concerns. The post-op care could not have been better either-very caring and thoughtful to all my needs.  Love my new breasts. Could not be happier – thank you, thank you Dr. Ringler!”

(RealSelf review 11/17)

Dr. Ringler is amazing! He is a highly qualified expert at his craft and truly care for all of his patients. Non-invasive options are also fast and convenient as I’ve experienced. I’m already noticing a difference. The staff in the office always wear a smile and make you feel welcome” 

(RealSelf review about Exilis Ultra 11/17)

After having two nine pound babies, several surgeries and a weight loss of over 50 pounds, my skin was sagging! I was tired of using medicated powder under my tummy for the chafing and the sweating. I checked out websites and reviews of doctors in Grand Rapids doing tummy tucks. Dr. Ringler’s name keep popping up as a well respected, award winning doctor. The reviews were also outstanding! I also thought that Dr. Ringler must be a caring person with his involvement with helping Veterans and Project Smile. I am thrilled with my results. Dr. Ringler is a wonderful person and surgeon. You won’t be disappointed if you choose him as your surgeon!” 

(RealSelf review 11/17)

Without equivocation, the finest…most considerate and professional medical group I’ve had contact with. Dr. Ringler is exactly as talked about on different forums. Knowledgable, experienced, caring.  A wonderful man.” 

(RealSelf review 11/17)

Best Facelift

"Dr. Ringler and his entire staff do everything to make you feel comfortable and confident. I had a MAPS facelift and could not be happier. One day post-op I was able to go out to dinner without makeup. He is truly a master of facial aesthetics."

(Vitals 10/17)

Dr.Ringler and his entire staff is very professional, honest and knowledgeable!

“ Dr.Ringler and his entire staff is very professional, honest and knowledgeable! Dr.Ringler truly looks out for the best interest of his patients, I was Pleasently surprised in his genuine care, I have gone to other plastic surgeons and I didn't feel like they were looking out for my best interests, it was more about the money, but Dr. Ringler honestly cared what was best for me and Is honest and that's why I will continue to go to him if I need anything, not to mention he's the best at what he does!! I also have to brag about Lisa ( aesthetician) She is amazingly exceptional at her job and knows how to get results!! Not to mention she is just a joy to be around! I call her my face angel ” 

(RealSelf 10/17)

A skin care center that makes you feel comfortable and confident.

“ I had just recently moved back to the Grand Rapids area 2 years ago and contacted Dr. Ringlers office to set up appointments for Botox and Dermaplane treatments. I already had a sense of loyalty to the office as Dr. Ringler performed a face lift on my mother over 20 years ago and she had received excellent care and wonderful results. I am a regular patient of Lisa’s for skin care treatments. I have recently experienced a huge change in my skin due to hormones and she was a true savior! Her facials, treatments and recommended products from the office have turned my skin back around. Her knowledge and expertise on skin care is amazing. She is also extremely personable and compassionate and truly cares about how you feel and want to feel after leaving the office. I highly recommended her and the whole office. ” 

(RealSelf 10/17)

I recently had a MACS facelift/necklift with Dr. Ringler and I simply could not be happier.  I was very nervous about having a procedure on my face.   I was emphatic that I did not want my face to look too tight or operated on. I did not have to worry, my results are absolutely perfect. I did a tremendous amount of research on all of the plastic surgeons in town before choosing Dr. Ringler.  I made the right choice. The care at  SW surgical center was excellent and professional and Dr. Ringler is a true artist.  I know that it is not everyone’s experience, but my bruising was so minimal, I was able to go out for dinner the next evening with minimal makeup.  I have had more bruising from dermal fillers at other plastic surgery offices.  No one asks if I have had surgery but I have had many people ask me what I am using on my skin to make it look so youthful.  Dr. Ringler also did some fat grafting during the surgery to help maintain long-lasting volume for my face. My neck looks better than it did 10 years ago.  Based on how beautiful my results are, I wish I had this surgery 10 years ago.”


“Dr. Ringler and his entire staff  is very professional, honest and knowledgeable! Dr. Ringler truly looks out for the best interest of his patients.  I was pleasantly surprised in his genuine care.  I have gone to other plastic surgeons and I didn’t feel like they were looking out for my best interests, it was more about the money, but Dr. Ringler honestly cared what was best for me and is honest, and that’s why I will continue to go to him if I need anything, not to mention he’s the best at what he does!! I also have to brag about Lisa (aesthetician) She is amazingly exceptional at her job and knows how to get results!! Not to mention she is just a joy to be around! I call her my face angel” 

(RealSelf Review 10.17)

” Dr. Ringler and his staff are wonderful to work with. I really appreciate their knowledge and experience without a hard sell on services. In the past 4 months I have received services for body contouring of my abdomen, that stubborn fat that working out does not seem to affect. I am completely not only satisfied, but thrilled. I have been eating healthy with moderate exercise, but would never have achieved the results I have seen with the extra help. There are all types of new combinations they are trying that are non invasive – AND WORK! I was apprehensive about the money, but in the end I found it to be well worth the boost in my self esteem and confidence.”

September 2017

“Very professional and wonderful doctor. His staff made the whole process very easy and comfortable and I am very happy with the results of my breast augmentation. I would highly recommend Dr Ringler for anyone in search of a plastic surgeon”

(RealSelf Review 09/2017)

” My experience was flawless! After my consultation I was completely comfortable with Dr. Ringler and his professional staff. They treated me as if I was an old friend. The result of surgery was better than I expected and I am completely satisfied. Testimony; 10 days after surgery I was at a social event and met a person who said ” yes, we met last year at your house”, I felt wonderful because I looked like myself only less baggy! Others have told me I look ten years younger -happy, happy.”  

(MACS facelift review – Realself Review 07/2017)

 Absolutely wonderful and friendly staff! So happy I found Dr. Ringler and his amazing staff. Very professional AND compassionate, something of which is very hard to come across these days! So thankful for making the choice to trust in Dr. Ringler and the kind sweet staff!

(K.L. – Facebook Review 5/17)

Great Facelift Result! I am extremely pleased with my facial rejuvenation surgery with Dr. Ringler.  My result is fabulous and from the first call to the office to my after surgery visits I always felt like I was treated with respect and care. Dr. Ringler made me feel very comfortable and I never felt like he was unapproachable.   My deeper folds around my mouth have been much improved as is my neck.  I am happy to say that many months later the fat transfers have remained permanent.  I feel I have a very natural looking result. Many years ago he did my breast augmentation and that was also a success.  I could not be happier with the results from both my surgeries and have recommend him to both friends and family”.

(RealSelf 03/17)

 “Dr. Ringler is a top notch surgeon. As a medical profession myself, I appreciated his attention to detail, and his bedside manner is second to none. His office and staff reflect the perfection that he delivers.”

(Real Self review 2/17)

I had a full abnominoplasty with Diastasis repair at 64 years old! I couldn’t be more pleased with the results and care I was given by Dr. Ringler and his staff. They put me at ease and and reassured me the whole way. After 2 weeks, I feel great and am slowly resuming my normal activities. I loved the fact that Dr. R uses a technique that eliminates drains. I highly recommend him.”

(Real Self review 2/17)

Breast Lift With Implant Revision- My experience with Dr. Ringler was exceptional from the first initial consult to the post-op follow up, I cannot say enough about Dr. Ringler, not to mention his wonderful staff. Everyone in the office carries a professional, courteous, and genuine caring attitude. My surgery went well and I am more than pleased with the results and my decision to choose Dr. Ringler.” 

(RealSelf review 1/17)

Dear Dr. Ringler,  I want to thank you so much for the beautiful work you did with abdominoplasty you performed on me.  I cannot believe how fast it is healing.  I also feel great.  I want to also thank you for the robe.  That was a very nice gesture. Many Blessings.” 

(Personal Note 01/17)

“I was in need of an implant revision and left crescent lift and Dr. Steven Ringler was the surgeon of choice for me. I cannot say enough about the care and consideration that I received from Dr. Ringler and his wonderful staff. The surgery went well and I am VERY happy with the results. I am truly grateful.”(“(

(RealSelf patient review 12/16)

The surgery day went so smoothly! Ringler was very confident and calming. He took everything I said into consideration up until the final moment! He didn’t change things from what we had discussed. Him and his staff were very kind professional. The facility was exquisite. He even gifted me a very nice robe after the surgery with a hand written card, with his work and cell number in case I had any questions! He was absolutely wonderful. I can’t wait until they drop! Update: after I posted this, I received a phone call from him at 8pm from his personal cell asking me about how I was feeling, if I had any questions, etc. I really cannot express enough how helpful and reassuring that was. I even received a phone call from the surgery facility today (the day after) asking how I was feeling and if I had any questions. Everything went very smoothly and could not have been in better hands.”

(Real Self patient review 12/16)

“I have had the following procedures performed by Dr. Steven Ringler (Grand Rapids, Michigan) – Injectable Fillers, Botox and most recently an Extended Neck Lift with Facial Fat Grafting. I am 56 years old and had lost volume in my face, my neck had a lot of loose, sagging, wrinkled skin. My neck line is now smooth and beautiful and my facial features have been restored with volume and definition. I am very pleased with the results and couldn’t be happier. If you are looking for a very gifted surgeon, look no further. With Dr. Ringer, you can expect nothing less than the Best with Beautiful and Natural looking results. Dr. Ringler and his staff treated me with the utmost care, compassion, and professionalism and I felt comfortable knowing I was in good hands. I did my research and Dr. Ringler is simply the Best! I had very little down time, minimal bruising, virtually no pain just some soreness and I was out and about in public 4 days post surgery.” 

(RealSelf patient review 11/16)

One of the best decisions i’ve made in my life!! I have wanted a breast augmention ever since I was 18. I never thought I would ever get the courage to actually do it, but after meeting with Dr Ringler I couldn’t have felt any more comfortable. He answered all of my questions and made me not only comfortable to undergo the procedure, but SO very excited! I couldn’t be happier with my results. Very professional Doctor & staff. Everyone went above and beyond. I did do the Ideal Implants and I am thrilled with my decision. I healed very quickly and want to say thank you to Dr Ringler for making me feel so confident with my body!”

(RealSelf patient review 11/16)

“Dr. Ringler provides superior treatment in a caring, down to earth manner. My results exceeded my expectations. I was out in public within 48 hours of my surgery (with a bit of camouflage). His staff are warm and friendly as well” 

(RealSelf Review from MACS lift patient 9/16)

I did my research and had met with 4 plastic surgeons before Dr. Ringler. I felt the connection and trust immediately! He is very caring, compassionate. I am very happy I chose Dr Ringler he is a very skilled surgeon who takes the time to listen. My results of my facial procedures, upper, lower lids, lower face and neck lift as well as fat grafting, are beyond my expectations! I had minimal pain and swelling which surprised me. Recovery has gone well no doubt related to Dr. Ringler’s skill and techniques. The Suricare staff were very attentive and caring.I have been in healthcare for over 40 years and I must admit I was nervous about the procedures being with local and sedation. He did a fabulous job! I was extremely comfortable and felt good after procedure. The office staff, Rebecca, Patty, Lisa, and Deb , were professional, kind, and caring. I felt really pampered. Especially with the spa robe I received after surgery and the facial products and hair being washed the next day.My husband felt pampered too with the chocolate chip cookies! Top notch practice and surgeon. I am glad that I traveled 3 hrs to have Jim as a surgeon. I would highly recommend Dr. Ringler for any plastic surgery!!” 

(RealSelf review 5/16)

“I highly recommend Dr. Ringler for so many reasons I’m unsure where to begin! His staff is friendly, kind, professional, and they adore him. As a first impression, I feel this speaks to the type of practitioner he is. He appears kind, gentle and compassionate. He asked what “bothered me” about my face, made suggestions and explained the procedures. I knew from seeing before/after photos that his aesthetic is very natural which was important to me. The staff at the surgical center were equally kind and professional with nothing but high regard for Dr. Ringler. I am an anesthesia provider and so I feel I know some of the workings “behind the scenes” in a surgical center. When the staff who work next to a surgeon in the operating room tell you that you have “the best of the best” doing your procedure, you know you’re in good hands! In addition, being an anesthesia provider, I must admit that I was nervous about him doing the procedure with just local and sedation. He did a fabulous job! I was extremely comfortable and felt good after the procedure. I confidently recommend Dr. Ringler and hope your experience with him is as satisfying as mine!” 

(RealSelf review 4/16)

“After the first visit, I knew Dr. Ringler was the plastic surgeon for me. Looking for a neck lift and face lift, I had visited several plastic surgeons in the area, all with high online reviews. But I felt most comfortable with Dr. Ringer and his whole staff. Dr. Ringler knew exactly what I needed for a beautiful transformation – which included a necklift, facelift, and facial fat grafting. At his recommendation, I also had a series of ‘Skinpen’ treatments, which really helped my skin look smoother. The day after surgery, he removed the bandages and I instantly looked 10 years younger. There was very little swelling and bruising. I even went to lunch following the appointment and no one looked at me weird. After 2 weeks of healing, I received compliments from friends and family (I didn’t tell anyone about the procedures), and no one asked, “What have you had done?” I looked completely normal, only younger. Dr. Ringler is a brilliant surgeon and an artist. I want to acknowledge his amazing team as well, from the office staff, aestheticians and surgical team, all making my journey positive and satisfying.I rarely post anything publicly unless it’s about politics…or until now, plastic surgery. Yesterday I had a neck/face lift, something I never thought I’d have the nerve or inclination to ever do. But I am here to say that 24 hours later, I am thrilled I finally did!

(RealSelf 2/16)

“No need going to Scottsdale, Palm Beach, or Beverly Hills. Dr. Steven Ringler, in Grand Rapids, Michigan is where you want to put your faith AND your face! His extensive list of awards, rave testimonials, and wildly impressive surgical skills have exceeded my expectations more than I can describe here. And I haven’t even mentioned his staff. Debbie, Rebecca, Lisa are professional, experienced, supportive and above all…fun in helping you through the process. From my first consultation with Dr. Ringler, to the explanation of services/costs, etc., with Rebecca (not easy making THAT fun!) to the complimentary facial from Lisa with the delicate hands, and finally to Debbie who gently washed and styled my hair (yes, only 24 hours after surgery!) Well, there simply are no words to adequately describe the extraordinary care I received from everyone. Dr. Ringler has selected the best team…and they in turn are fortunate to work with an amazing surgeon.

You’ll have to take my word for it, but yesterday I had the saggy jowls and neck of an old woman, and today…I don’t! I am over the moon with the results and can’t thank Dr. Ringler’s masterful touch and his awesome support staff enough. THANK YOU to all at the Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery.” 

(RealSelf review 2/16)

“I was incredibly nervous when I decided to make an appointment for a consultation for Breast Augmentation, something I had wanted and contemplated for years. The staff at Dr. Ringler’s office was super friendly and knowledgeable! I immediately felt comfortable with trusting Dr. Ringler with this procedure. He is very experienced, articulate and ahead of many in the profession. I never felt the need to visit any other office for this procedure. From there, everything was simple and effortless – from scheduling to any questions I had leading up to my surgery date. I am beyond satisfied with the results that I received from Dr. Ringer! I have no regrets or even a doubt in mind that I had the best surgeon in this area. Dr. Ringler’s techniques during surgery and protocol to follow surgery afforded me the ability to return to work quickly and my post-op recovery was incredibly fast. He has given me the confidence I was looking for in my body and I am sure that it was one of the best decisions I ever made, having Dr. Ringler as my surgeon. Every aspect of my time spent with the office, the procedure and my post-op results exceeded my expectations!” 

(RealSelf Review 1/16)

“Dr. Ringler did an amazing job on the removal of the extra skin on my arms. He is a kind, gentle man. I have never felt like he was rushing me to get on to the next thing on his schedule. He listens well and has a wonderful bedside manner. When I came out of surgery I had a very nice note from him including his office and cell phone number and a beautiful robe to take home with me. The evening of my surgery he called to check on me. It’s only been 11 days since my surgery and my incisions look amazing. He is very conscientious of the job he does. His office staff are a joy to work with. They are very accommodating and answer any question I have quickly. I am planning on a breast lift in the near future with Dr. Ringler and I have the utmost confidence in him to perform the surgery and give me the amazing results I am hoping for.” 

(RealSelf Review 11/15)

“Upon meeting with Dr. Ringler, he assured me he could do surgery and make it look as young looking as possible. He was very understanding of my concerns, my fears and assured me that the results of the surgery would look very natural and no one would even realize what I had done. He was so RIGHT! Couldn’t be happier!” 

(RealSelf Review 11/15)

“I researched this procedure for a few years. After my 3rd child I decided I deserved it. Dr. Ringler was exceptional from the consultation to the very end. I knew from the first phone call from his staff that this was the place for me. They were so friendly and professional which eased any anxiety I felt in preparation. Dr. Ringler was very thorough and calming during my consultation. The entire procedure went so smooth and I recovered way faster than I could even imagine. The incisions are so small and with precise placement that they are barely noticeable and it’s only been 3 months. I’m blown away at my results and love my new body. I couldn’t thank him enough

(Real Self Review 11/15)

“Dear Dr. Ringler, I would like to thank you and your staff for the excellent & professional care I received during my recent surgery. Your staff was prompt, responsive, pleasant and helpful. My thighs? …Well I like them much, much better!  No more flabby inner flaps!  Yea!! Yippee!! Thank You!  I am appreciative of physicians like you who care about “the maintenance of 52 year old  homes” (you words to me in response to a question of mine prior to surgery)  This maintenance work was well worth it to me.  May our creator protect and guide you and other surgeons as you travel to South America this October for Operation Smile.  What a gift you give to others.” 

(Personal Note 10/15)

 I was very excited about making the decision to finally set up a consultation with a surgeon regarding breast implants. After researching and looking at reviews I decided Dr. Ringler sounded like the surgeon that would be the fit for me, and I was right! Dr. Ringler and his staff were exceptional from the moment I walked through the door. I felt very welcome and any nerves I had went away. He and his staff made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Not to mention he is ALWAYS on time. I never once waited for an appointment with him and even my surgery was done earlier than expected, truly wonderful! I told Dr. Ringler what I wished and he made that wish come true. He answered any and all questions or concerns that I had making me feel 150 percent confident about my decision. I received 380 cc saline implants and went with Dr. Ringler’s transaxillary technique or “scarless” scar. My recovery time was a breeze as he told me everything I needed to do to get the best result! I had the surgery 23 days ago and my scars are nearly gone already. I am beyond happy with my results and I can only thank Dr. Ringler for that. He gave me everything I imagined and more! He is a fantastic surgeon who gave me the best of care and respect. If you’re looking for a surgeon, look no further. Choose Dr. Ringler!” 

(RealSelf 9/15)

“I was a nervous wreck, but my friend who I met in school (who by the way is much younger than I am) had gone to Dr. Ringler for breast augmentation. She was thrilled with the results and told me she would never even consider going anywhere else. I followed her advice, scheduled a consult and met him and his staff. I am so glad I did. He is very kind and is not rushed at all. He took his time with me, was very thorough in explaining things and made sure all of my questions were answered. I had my surgery 7 days ago and I am THRILLED! I had no idea I would be feeling this well this soon! The first few days are quite uncomfortable as you would imagine but now I’m great! My biggest concern was everyone knowing I had a “boob job”. I wanted it to be natural – not stand out noticeable. It is very natural, very pretty and I am so very thankful I had it done. Dr. Ringler is the only doctor I would recommend for any type of cosmetic/surgical procedure as he truly cares about his patients and does phenomenal work! Thank you!!!!” 

(RealSelf Review 9/15)

Dr. Steven Ringler and his staff are amazing! I am very happy with my experience and would highly recommend them. The entire team goes above and beyond to make sure you are happy with your procedures. Dr. Ringler is a personable, tender and caring individual who is always there for you” 

I am a 61 year old female who was tired of looking at my eyes drooping by the day. I made an appointment with Dr. Ringler and so happy I did! My eyes look amazing and I can actually see better. It has taken 10 years off my age. All the wrinkles around my eyes and the sagging skin are now gone. I had no pain or discomfort and would do it all again. Healing was fast with very little down time

(RealSelf Review 6/15)

“Everyone I came in contact with went well above and beyond to be helpful.  I couldn’t have picked a better more educated team  to experience this procedure (breast augmentation) with. I would go through it all over in a heartbeat. The fast recovery was just as stated; I never had to take anything stronger than Ibuprofen 800 mg. Dr. Ringler is truly a very experienced gifted professional and kind man.”

(RealSelf Review 4/15)

“Dr Ringler and his staff is exactly what everyone hopes they get when dealing with a doctor. From the moment you walk in the door, to the surgery center, and even when you call numerous times for the tiniest question, you are always welcomed and leave feeling good.I am still recovering but anyone I have dealt with has been more than helpful and approachable. I traveled from 4hours away because I had heard he is tge best. I’m so happy I spent the extra time and money with having to travel, because he and his team are worth every penny.”  

(Real Self Review 2/15)

“Thank you for the comfy robe and excellent and professional care I received from you, your staff and the surgery center. It was worth the recommendation to make the trip and my surgery here in Grand Rapids rather than Kalamazoo.  I would definitely recommend you and return.  Happy Holidays!  

(personal note 12/14)

Dear Dr. Ringler, A big thank you,  my best early Christmas present, a fresh face and my natural, improved, body back.  I couldn’t be happier.  You came highly recommended and you did not disappoint.  Your staff was very helpful and I love the robe you provided…Have a wonderful holiday and very Happy New Year”  Many thanks”  

(M. S.  – personal note 12/14)

Dr Ringler put me at ease and I had total faith in him doing this surgery. I have had non invasive surgery in his office performed by his staff. I have had discussions with Dr Ringler about a few procedures I was considering having done. This was my first surgery with him. He is always honest about the best treatment options that are available. I had a scar on my face and although he could have performed the surgery he explained what would need to happen to get it corrected. He didn’t recommend it would be the best solution. He has my utmost respect because he won’t perform a surgery if it won’t benefit his patient. He is a caring doctor. I also was told by several people that are highly respected in the medical field that he is the best doctor in the area for eye surgery. I wholehearted agree. I was very comfortable during the surgery.”

(RealSelf review 12/14)

I went to Dr. Ringler because of his outstanding reputation, I am so glad I did. I have had Botox and Radiesse at other offices, in the past. My experience and the results, with Dr. Ringler, were by far the best I have ever had. He listened to my concerns, offered his expert advice and the outcome was exactly what I was hoping for. I would highly recommend Dr. Ringler to anyone looking for a positive experience with a great physician, in a beautiful office setting, with an accommodating staff. They will even offer you a bottled water, make an espresso for you and offer you a cookie! Dr. Ringler certainly lives up to his reputation, he is the best and now I will never go anywhere else. Thank you Dr. Ringler!”

(RealSelf review 10/14)

“Dr Ringler is amazing!! His work is exceptional! He is a very kind man, easy to talk to, and provides his honest professional opinion. Dr. Ringler’s staff is also phenomenal. They are all super friendly and seem to really enjoy their work. They always smile and are so warm and welcoming. They always offer coffee or water. Frequently Dr. Ringler’s wife sends in homemade cookies for everyone. The new office space is absolutely stunning. Beautiful decor and in a nice, easily accessible location. I’ve had two surgeries (each with two procedures) done by Dr. Ringler and an fully satisfied with my results. I will, undoubtedly, return to him when I’m ready for my next procedures.” 

R.L. (online review 9/15/14)

“Hi Dr. Ringler, … Thank you for the wonderful results of my neck lift and facial fat grafting.  I can’t begin to tell you how much better I feel about myself.  Great job!  I couldn’t be happier!  I would also like to thank you for the beautiful, elegant after surgery robe…With sincere gratitude and warmest thanks.” 

D.C. ( personal note 8/22)

Dear Dr. Ringler,  I just want to personally thank you (& your staff) for a wonderful outcome with my recent surgery!  I look so much better & you’ve made me feel beautiful ! Thank You!” ~A.L.  

(personal note 5/14)

My experience with Dr. Ringler and his office staff was excellent. I had 1 previous consultation with another doctor and wanted to have a least one other opinion from another plastic surgeon before I went ahead with anything. My consultation with Dr. Ringler went very well and I immediately had confidence in what he was saying and what he thought I would benefit the most from. I felt that he was conservative with his suggestions and maybe that was why I was comfortable with him. I scheduled my surgery that day before I left his office. The whole experience was very professional and all of my follow-up care was top-notch. It has been nearly a year and I am very pleased with my results. I have highly recommended him to my family and friends”-

(vitals.com review – 2/14)

“Dr. Ringler is an amazing doctor- in my opinion, the best!  My experience with Dr. Ringler and his staff was better than I could have asked for, I couldn’t be happier.”

(mommy makeover patient – RealSelf review)

Ever since a few years ago i couldn’t stand having a chest of a boy. I couldn’t wear the bathing suits I wanted and clothing never fit right. I went under breast augmentation and I am so pleased with my results! I was very nerovous because when looking around the internet you see terrible horror stories of breast implants gone wrong and i was scared they were gonna be too far apart, too little, too high, bad rippling, unnatural results but they came out perfect! im so happy thank you Dr. Ringler. Dr. Ringler was very nice and willing to listen to all your concerns and the Center For Aesthetics was gorgeous like a 5 star spa. He is very skilled and had lots of experience I recommend him to all patients who want breast augmentation or any type of plastic surgery trust me he knows what looks good and what he’s doing!” 

(Real Self Review -01/14)

I had a blepharoplasty with Dr. Ringler 2 weeks ago. I am in awe once again at his talents, precision, and expertise. I had relatively low bruising and I attribute this to Dr. Ringler’s technique and time spent on my eyes.I am very happy with my result thus far and know it will only keep getting better as my healing continues.Dr. Ringler and his entire staff made me feel comfortable and at ease asking questions and seeking their advice capitalizing on their experience. I cannot say enough positive about my experience with Dr. Ringler and his office staff. Thank you so much for making me feel like my face and my outcome was as important to you as it is to me. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Ringler to anyone seeking a better you!”

~T.B. Grand Rapids, MI (12/13)

Dr. Ringler and his staff are great. They are warm, friendly, and professional. I felt completely informed and comfortable with my procedures. Dr. Ringler is truly a gifted surgeon and a caring philanthropist. A while back I went with a friend to a consult with a PS in our town. There are very few here and I did not like his manner,. So when I decided to look for myself, I looked further away from home, and I couldn’t have made a better choice. I chose a wonderful and skilled doctor and am enjoying the beautiful results because of it.

(Cellulaze patient -RealSelf Review)

Don’t waste your time looking else where. Dr. Ringer is the best! I had breast aug and one other small procedure. I was extremely impressed with the results and my incisions were almost invisible in less than 2 weeks! Felt very comfortable throughout the entire process and appointments . Very friendly staff. Price was comparable to other Dr’s in GR area. My only regret is not doing it sooner!”–Momwgreatbreastsagain

(RealSelf Review -10/13)

Dr. Ringler and Staff.  Thank you so much for everything.  The whole experience from the consultation to the surgery was very comfortable and professional. Everyone at the surgical center were very nice and caring.  I am beyond happy with the results.  They are perfect.  P.S. Thank you very much for the robe.  First one I’ve ever owned!  I’m so grateful.  

–S.C. (personal note 9/13)

Dear Dr. Ringler ~ Just a note to express my sincere appreciation for the excellent care I receive as your patient. Words cannot begin to express how much better I feel about myself since I have been seeing you!  You and your staff are absolutely awesome! Thanks so much”

P.D. Grand Rapids, MI (personal note 6/13)

“I was in today for my facial..Lisa is awesome!! I am so pleased w/the entire staff and Dr Ringlers work, overjoyed!! 😉”

–K.S. Grand Rapids, MI

Dear Dr. Ringler – Thank you so much for your excellent service. You are a gifted surgeon and run a first class practice! God Bless.”–

L.H., Grand Rapids, MI (patient thank you note 2/13)

“Dear Dr. Ringler and Staff, First I would like to thank you for the beautiful bathrobe! What a wonderful surprise it was! I will always treasure it and want you to know it has brought healing comfort to me. Thank you! Also, I cannot say enough about everyone who has greeted me, taken care of me, and supported me. From the first time I called and the first appointment I had, you all made me feel comfortable and genuinely cared about. I had appointments in 3 plastic surgeon offices before I chose you. NO other doctor and staff came close to all of you. I was nervous about having surgery, but after my first visit I felt I was in the right place. You all seem to have the perfect combination of taking your work seriously and at the same time, making it an enjoyable experience. Thank you so much.”–

D. F. , Grand Rapids, MI (patient thank-you note 2/13)

Dr. Ringler AND his staff deserve 5 stars across the board. I chose them based on his amazing credentials (there are few if not NONE in the Grand Rapids Area who have all of the certifications he possesses) and also his desire to LISTEN and treat each patient as an individual, not a paycheck! I felt valued, cared for, and listened to. Don’t just take my word for it, set up a complimentary consultation and see for yourself! I did hours of research online to find good doctors in the area, and also visited different offices. Dr. Ringler’s office far exceeded my expectations! As opposed to the others I had visited, he took the most time to listen to my desires, acknowledge and answer my concerns, and figure out the best plan for ME, individually…”  Holland, MI

(RealSelf Review)

“Six weeks after Cellulaze, and my thighs are looking GREAT!!!! And they’ll only get better. Can’t believe it! Thank you, Dr. Ringler!”–Victoria M., Grand Rapids, MI

(Facebook review)

“I am a 47-year old male who has struggled with hair loss for most of my adult life. Dr. Ringler’s treatment has been the only treatment that has shown noticeable hair growth.”

D.T., Grand Rapids, MI

I’ve spent hours searching for the “perfect” physician to do “the” procedure for me and reading what I’ve read about you on-line was very very impressive. Dr. Ringler, thank you for helping so many people and giving so much of yourself, you have an amazing testimony, what a blessing you are.. .. THANK YOU so very very much and for the pretty white spa robe –wow–what a sweet surprise, thank you!”

Brenda, MI

My whole experience was awesome. *Dr. Ringler was awesome, the results were fantastic, I can’t believe Iwaited as long as I did.


“I will only use Dr. Ringler He is an amazing person and an amazing surgeon. I met with him and we discussed what my hopes were, regarding improving the appearence of my neck. I am 37 years old, a bit over weight, and had a double chin going on. It wasn’t even exactly a double chin (well, it was that too) but I felt it was a bit like a turkey neck where I didn’t have much of a jaw-line definition and rather my neck was full from the tip (bottom) of my chin to my lower neck. Dr. Ringler agreed that Smartlipo would be a good procedure to help remedy this and bring me excellent results. He was right. The procedure went great! The end results is my neck looking like what I look like when Im 30lbs lighter. I absolutely love what Dr. Ringler did for me. He is so kind and genuine and TALENTED. He is extremely skilled and I trust him completely..”

Elizabeth, Grand Rapids, MI (Angie’s List)

“This past summer, I had two hair treatments within a two month period of time. While on vacation last week, I frequented a new hair-stylist. After curiously examining my entire scalp, she asked,”What’s with all the new baby hairs”? Needless to say, her question was music to my ears.”

Sue T., Grand Rapids, Mi

“Thank you so much for the beautiful work you did on my facelift. It achieved the results I was hoping for. It looks natural and symmetrical. Thanks also to your wonderful staff. You are the BEST!”

K. K., Grandville, MI

“I want you to know the work you have done for me is beautiful. I think you are the best doctor on the face of the earth. Thank you for making my life so much better.”

B. B., Grand Rapids, MI

“Congratulations to you for being named by U.S. news and World Report as a Top Doctor in Plastic Surgery. Of course, I already knew that!! …My warmest wishes for continues successes (I’m one of them) and much happiness.”

Carol C., Grand Rapids, MI

I wanted to thank you again for the great job you and your staff provided. You are a very dear and kind man and all the personal attention was appreciated. Also, thank you for the robe that was sent home with me. That was very generous of you.”

Fran H., Grand Rapids, MI

Dr. Ringler is not only a fantastic surgeon, but he is a tremendous individual. His bedside manner is wonderful and his office staff is warm and friendly and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend, at the least, having a consultation with Dr. Ringler if you are considering any type of cosmetics procedure or surgery. I was thoroughly impressed to read how involved Dr. Ringler is with “Operation Smile,” and organzation dedicated to helping children with facial deformities in other countries. He is a kind man who truly listens to your concerns and wishes and does a phenominal job making them come to life.~

Gail D. (facebook review)

Dr. Ringler has been more than a blessing to me. He has performed several facial surgeries on me for a dog bite from my childhood to my adolescent years. If it was not for him and his wonderful staff I would not be where I am today. I promised him I would check in with him once I grew up. I am married, had my first child, and am a nurse pursuing my RN degree. Thank you so much, you truly are a blessing =)~

Amber P. (facebook review)

“the best…the absolute best. was almost destroyed by another doctor.”~

Linda F. (facebook review)

“Thank you for the very nice robe you gave me after my surgery. It was especially nice for me since I forgot and brought only pull over pajamas. Thank you also for giving me your private number for my after hours and finding a nearby pharmacy open late. I’m grateful that I chose you to do my surgery. I know I was in the best hands. Thank you again for everything.”

Diana D

“I researched four surgeons: two female, two male (all from different offices). All had the accreditation, credentials and qualifications. All four had wonderful, welcoming offices; however, Dr. Steven Ringler was the surgeon who stood out amongst them all…he has a five page printout of local, state, national and even international credentials AND accomplishments and he trained most of the plastics surgeons in town (one surgeon of which Dr. R trained happened to be in my “foursome” random pick!). Dr. R is amazing…research him! My sister who is in the medical field in Muskegon offered to drive in from Muskegon to pick me up and bring back to G.R. because she was convinced that the plastic surgeon she knew was the best…come to find out her surgeon was also trained by Dr. R! It was very clear what my decision was going to be. I had my breast augmentation done by Dr. R; he is a set-apart professional. He is a gentle, humble man and I was exceedingly comfortable with him. I had a rich experience with him, his staff and the surgical staff! His “scarless scar” looks just like a crease in my arm pit. I (& my husband) am so very pleased with my implants (which were saline) and the healed “scarless scar”. I waited eight months before writing this review so I could see the healed affects from the surgery…I am so VERY pleased at the results. (fyi: I went from an A cup to a high C) Do your plastic surgeon/implant research! It is eye opening! You will be amazed at the accredited information you will find in regards to implants (esp. on the FDA web site)! Do not completely put your life in the hands of your surgeon in regards to the implants…do your own homework…set aside a few hours and research your implant products…know the pros and cons for each! Be informed!”

(online review, realself.com)

“Dr. R and his staff of super helpful nurses and administrators are awesome. They make you feel instantly at home, special and comfortable. In addition to their bedside excellence, Dr. R and nurse P are exceptionally confident medical specialists. I had ultherapy just yesterday and it was a piece of cake with wonderful results. Visit them for happy results!”

onlne review, realself.com

“From the consultation to the procedure to aftercare, Dr. Ringler and his entire staff made me feel so at ease and comfortable! Dr. Ringler truly is a caring doctor, he took the time to answer all of my questions. I recommend him 100% and although in my 40s, have never looked better!”

online review, realself.com

“I highly recommend Dr. R because he is absolutely committed to bringing the most up-to-date services to his patients. You can be certain your visit with Dr. R will include professionalism, conscientious care and astute attention to detail, without a sales pitch to do more than you need! What a joy to work with a physician who has YOUR best interest at heart and a physician who can deliver what he promises.”

online review, realself.com – Grand Rapids, MI

“Your innate nature to be caring and kind became evident at my first (and only) appointment, and I must comment on your wonderful staff who reflect this same tone of caring and comfort…with much respect, admiration and gratitude.”

Mary M. D., Lansing, MI

“Thank you so much, Dr. Ringler – for everything. I have no doubt you went above and beyond for me, and I will forever appreciate that. You are a wonderful doctor and an equally wonderful person.”

Elizabeth N., Grand Rapids, MI

“Thank you all for your efficient, friendly and skilled care during my recent facelift. I love it and feel great just 12 days later. Especially thanks to Dr. Ringler for your expert “improvements”

Lois C., Grand Rapids, MI

“To my favorite plastic surgeon. You ARE the best!!!”

Claudia T., Grand Rapids, MI

“You have been such a blessing to both of us. Thank you and may God bless your many trips with Operation Smile”

Marcia T., Grand Rapids, MI

“You are the plastic surgeon to go to!”

Lee H., Grand Rapids, MI

“What a wonderful way to use your talents. It puts a tear in my eye and a lump in my throat. You will give so many happy times and happy days. We need more caring people like you”

B.B. Rockford, MI

“A big, big thank you for your time and skills along with your staff in “fixing my eyes“. I am so excited about it, and think it looks terrific. You are simply the kindest- thank you so very much”

C.E., Grand Rapids, MI

“Thank you ever so much for the fabulous treatments. This face has never looked so good! So appreciate your time and patience, Wonderful – thank you.”

R.S. Grand Rapids, MI

“Thank you so much for the surgery, looks great!’

Dee M., Grand Rapids, MI

“May the beauty of life surround you and bring you joy, because you bring such beauty to others. Thank you for your patience and kindness.”

Cindy S., Grand Rapids, MI

“Thank you so much for taking such good care of the both of us! You’re the best!”

L.H., Grand Rapids, MI

“What a nice and well deserved article in the Press regarding your surgical work with the disfigured. You represent the very best in our profession”

Dr. Bill S., Grand Rapids, MI

“I would like to personally congratulate you on being recognized and chosen by your peers as on of “West Michigan’s Top Physician” by Best Doctors Inc. and Grand Rapids Magazine. The significance of your achievement and your dedication to West Michigan is to be recognized and commended.”

Michael G. Sak, Speaker Pro Tempore, Michigan House of Representatives

“I would like to say, “Operation Smile, keep up the good work! A special thanks to Dr. Ringler and his fourteen colleagues from Western Michigan.” I would like to leave you with a famous quote: “A hundred years from now, it will not matter what your bank account was, the sort of house you live in, or the kind of car you drive. But the world may be different because you were important in the life of a child. That’s you Dr. Ringler”

Jo Ann H. Dearborn, MI

“Thank you for your part in the special program at the Better Life Institute for the spouses attending the Republican Governors Association. We very much appreciated you sharing your expertise with these public women in a safe and confidential setting.”

Michelle Engler, First Lady – State of Michigan

“Of the doctors I visited and consulted, no one was as professional as you nor did anyone make me so comfortable. When my big day finally arrived, I was nervous and excited! Your staff was incredible. Thank you for being so devoted and dedicated to your work. I am so proud of me now and new look I have always dreamed about. You made my dreams come true. Thank you! You are the BEST!!”

Amy, Grand Rapids, MI

“I just wanted to drop a note to thank you for what you did for me (breast reduction). I felt wonderful the day I left the surgery center. I couldn’t be more pleased with results. Back and neck pain pretty much gone! I know you do this operation every day, but it’s a miracle to me. My family and friends have stopped calling me because they’re sick of hearing me gush about it. Thank you again, so much! God Bless You.”

Debi W., Grand Rapids, MI

“Just a note to say “thanks so much for the beautiful work you did with my TRAM flap”. I am so happy with it. I thank God for the talent that you have and using it the best way you can. And..with your Operation Smile… WOW!! I was so touched with your willingness to be available to help others.”

Jean B., Grand Rapids, MI

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