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At the Center for Aesthetics & Plastic Surgery, our skincare treatments are medically-based solutions you can only receive in a physician’s office to help you achieve or maintain healthy, smooth skin. Benefits include:

  • Clearing away clogged pores and acne.
  • Smoothing out wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Refine skin texture and tone.
  • Improve discoloration and visible sun damage.

Medically based and specially formulated chemical peels are custom-blended to improve the texture and clarity of your skin. As an alternative, dermaplaning, or a micropeel, refine the skin texture and surface with no downtime.

What is your Signature Facial?

When you visit our SkinCare Center, you won’t find a long menu of skin care services from which to choose. Why? Because we believe your skin care services should be personalized to address your own specific skin care needs. Whether your goal is for fresher looking skin, reducing hyperpigmentation, acne or aging, we have treatments, products and skin care services designed to address your specific concerns. Our expertly trained medical aesthetician, Amber Peters, will personalize a skin care treatment or regimen based on complimentary consultation with you about your own goals for beautiful skin. Because at the Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery, we believe the only signature on your skincare treatment should be your own.

Treatment Options

  • Zaffiro Hydra Thermo Lift
  • DiamondTome® Microdermabrasion
  • Dermaplaning
  • Facials designed for your specific skin type
  • Glycolic Peels
  • Stem-Cell Peels
  • Alpha Hydroxy Peels
  • Acne Treatment
  • Anti-Aging Treatment
  • Reducing redness in the skin
  • Lightening hyperpigmentation or sun damage
  • Skin resurfacing treatments

Anti-Aging Treatments for Chest and Hands

Post Surgery Scar Care

Laser Hair Removal

Zaffiro Hydra Thermo Lift

  • Dr. Steven Ringler at the Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery is proud to be the first provider in the state of Michigan to offer Zaffiro Hydra Thermo Lift. This revolutionary treatment combines the deep cleansing of a Hydrafacial and dermal heating to stimulate collagen. This combination gives your skin an intense clean, improved texture, and restores your natural glow.

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DiamondTome Microdermabrasion

A Comprehensive, Personalized Approach

Our DiamondTome Microdermabrasion system is the latest, most advanced system designed to decongest the skin, improve the skin surface and encourage cellular turnover. Following your first treatment, you will begin to see, and immediately experience, the benefit of your personalized skin care procedure. Specially designed packages are also available that will help you achieve improved outcomes with a series or combination of procedures.

Broad Band Light (BBL) Photo Rejuvenation

  • Skin

    Using the energy of highly focused light, our BBL provides a non-invasive skin care treatment that helps to eliminate red spots, minimize brown discoloration from environmental damage and improves the overall quality of the skin. It is also very effective at treating facial blemishes and eliminating the redness of rosacea. These goals can often be accomplished in one session, or in some cases, in a series of treatments as recommended by Dr. Ringler.

  • Hair Removal

    Laser light sourced technology provides a safe, comfortable and effective means of permanently removing unwanted facial and body hair. This non-invasive, in office procedure may be accomplished in one or several sessions depending on the area(s) being treated.

SkinPen Microneedling

If you have acne scars, stretch marks, hyperpigmentation, fine lines, or wrinkles, SkinPen may be a great option to help minimize their appearance. SkinPen creates thousands of microscopic channels in the outer skin, stimulating new collagen and elastin. The treatment itself produces virtually no pain, and the recovery is almost immediate. Learn more about why our patients love this rejuvenating treatment.

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Skin Care Treatments Grand Rapids

Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS


Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19 View Update

Practice Policy Update Regarding COVID-19

Dear Valued Patients,

We look forward to seeing you and are open as of Friday, May 29th as approved by the governor. There are some temporary changes at the office due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Current requirements for guests for treatment at CAPS include the following:

  • You will be asked some basic screening questions when you make your appointment:
    • Do you have a fever, cough or headache today or within the past two weeks?
    • To the best of your knowledge, have you or anyone in your family been exposed to COVID-19 within the past 2 weeks?
    • Have you traveled outside of the country in the past month?
  • Your temperature (touchless) will be taken upon arrival. A temperature above 100 degrees will necessitate rescheduling your appointment until a later date.
  • All of our guests will be required to wear a mask to enter the office.
  • No children in the reception area.
  • Extra visitors are limited to 1.

What we are doing to keep you and our team safe at CAPS:

  • Hand sanitizer will be provided outside of the main entrance and throughout the office.
  • We will require social distancing in the office and our large reception area will be limited to 2-3 guests at a time.
  • All hard surfaces in the office will be cleaned and sanitized throughout the day including: door handles, front desk, tables, desks, equipment and restrooms.
  • All team members will be wearing masks and will be screened every morning before work including temperature.
  • All treatment providers will be wearing masks and gloves.
  • As always, treatment providers will wash hands before and after each patient visit and change gloves between each patient.
  • All equipment in treatment rooms will be thoroughly sanitized between each patient visit.
  • We are installing an I-Wave ionization system to our HVAC system which continuously purifies the air killing bacteria and viruses as it circulates the air throughout the office.
  • Virtual consultations with Dr. Ringler and our treatment providers will remain available as well as in-person consultations.
  • Magazines and brochures will not be available in the office for the time being but are available virtually online.
  • Only bottled water is available for our guests at this time.

Thank you for your understanding. Our patient and team safety and well-being is our top concern.

Dr. Steven Ringler & the Center for Aesthetics and Plastic Surgery Team

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