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A Comprehensive, Personalized Approach

Why choose Dr. Ringler?

Dr. Ringler is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is internationally-recognized for his accomplishments in plastic surgery. A breast revision is highly individualized and requires specialized planning, techniques, and materials. With over 40 years of experience performing complex breast surgeries, you can trust Dr. Ringler to correct any complications associated with your implants while restoring the naturally beautiful chest you desire.

What is a breast revision?

Our Grand Rapids breast revision is performed to correct a previous breast surgery. The following are common reasons Michigan women request this procedure:

  • Your body has changed since your original surgery.
  • You are not happy with the cosmetic results of your original surgery.
  • Your doctor recommends replacing your implants.
  • You have experienced complications from your original surgery, such as capsular contracture, marked wrinkling and rippling, or implant malposition.

Whether you have experienced changes to your breasts over time, the status of your implants themselves have changed, or you’re simply unhappy with your prior surgical outcome, revisional breast surgery can achieve the natural look and feel you desire.

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The procedure What to expect

A Comprehensive, Personalized Approach

Our Michigan breast revision surgery is performed on an outpatient basis and under general anesthesia or local anesthesia with sedation. To begin, Dr. Ringler typically re-opens the original incision to gain access to your implant.

From there, he will remove the implants and any scar tissue that has formed around them. If you’re having new implants placed, he will position them. If you’re having your implants removed entirely, Dr. Ringler will reshape your natural breast tissue to ensure a firm and lifted appearance without them.


After surgery, a capable adult will need to drive you home and stay with you for 24 hours. For most of our Michigan patients, recovery lasts two to three weeks. You will be able to walk lightly around the house the day after surgery, though it may be several days before you can return to a moderate daily schedule. Results are long-lasting, but weight fluctuations, pregnancy, and the normal aging process may affect your appearance long-term.

Am I a candidate?

A Comprehensive, Personalized Approach

Heredity, hormonal shifts, weight fluctuations, and aging can all result in changes to the size, shape, and overall look of your breast implants. In addition, implants are not lifetime devices. As time passes, it may be recommended to replace them. In all of these cases, a breast revision may be necessary.

Michigan women who are not happy with the appearance, function, or feel of their breasts following a previous breast surgery may choose to undergo a breast revision. This procedure may be in your best interest if:

  • You can clearly define why you want the surgery
  • You understand what revisional breast surgery can and cannot accomplish
  • You accept the potential risks of breast surgery and your responsibilities as a patient
  • You are healthy, emotionally stable, and secure
  • You have realistic expectations and are willing to accept minor asymmetries


How much does a breast revision cost?

The average breast revision procedure costs around $4,000. However, that only covers the surgeon’s fee and does not include additional expenses, such as facility fees, anesthesia fees, medical tests and more.

What are the risks?

All surgeries carry the potential for risks, which will be fully discussed during your private consultation at our Michigan office. Potential complications include infection, bleeding, unsightly scarring, a reaction to the anesthesia and more.

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Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS


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